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Dell Inc. helps Future Proof Customers Globally with Internet of Things Technology

Dell Inc. (USA) – Dell Inc., provider of the industry’s broadest Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure portfolio from edge to core to cloud, is helping new customers across the globe, as well as its own manufacturing facilities, to future proof their businesses through embracing IoT technology. New customers span a broad range of industries, from building and industrial automation to video surveillance and security, and include global automation technology provider Emerson; energy management software provider Talisen Technologies; video surveillance experts Innodep; and ICT research and innovation organization TSSG. Additionally, Dell is deploying its Edge Gateways across several manufacturing facilities after seeing productivity improvements during recent proof of concepts in Brazil.

According to a new report published by Dell Technologies and the Institute for the Future (IFTF), emerging technologies such as IoT, along with massive advancements in software, big data and processing power, will reshape society. In 2030 every organization will be a technology organization and, as a result, businesses need to start thinking now about how to prepare their infrastructure for digital transformation.

“We’re committed to helping customers build the right IoT solutions to address their unique business needs,” said Joyce Mullen, senior vice president, Global IoT and OEM Solutions, Dell EMC. “Not only do we offer the industry’s broadest IoT portfolio, but we help customers build upon their existing equipment to help simplify the deployment process and reach their return-on-investment faster.”

Since building a dedicated IoT division in 2015, Dell has helped organizations develop solutions that unlock the data needed to enable faster, useful analysis, greater collaboration and improved productivity. Some of the organizations that have recently chosen Dell to help build their unique, end-to-end IoT solutions, include:
  • Chitale Dairy, a dairy farm in Bhilawadi, India, sells around 60 million liters (16 million gallons) of milk annually. From monitoring dairy cow habits and health using IoT sensors to automating and improving milk production through a high-speed, high-availability network, Chitale Dairy is the top of the Indian dairy industry. Everyone wins: the farmers, the company, the community — and, yes, even the cow. Digital transformation helps keep dairy farmers’ most precious livestock healthier and producing at a 10x higher yield, through big data analytics, automated farmer to-do lists and computerized breeding management. This kind of transformation was nearly impossible just a generation ago, and owes itself to a creative and innovative use of technology that helps foster opportunity for the farmers around them. Chitale Dairy drives dairy production supporting 50,000 farmers and 200,000 cows. Chitale’s focus on animal health and scalable productivity is boosting the local economy, and creating higher-quality milk products. Chitale Dairy is using Dell EMC Networking and Storage solutions and manageability software from VMware
  • Emerson, a global automation technology provider, offers the go-to solution for chemical, oil and gas, and power companies looking to control flow and pressure in process operations via control valves. However, today’s customers need the ability to utilize control valve data through predictive maintenance and Industrial IoT (IIoT). To address these needs, Emerson worked with Dell to develop a new wireless valve monitoring solution built on Dell Edge Gateways. Additionally, Emerson is developing a control valve condition monitoring service, also based on Dell Edge Gateways
  • Innodep, a South Korea-based provider of security and surveillance software, wanted to extend the success of its Vurix IP-Matrix video security management appliance by capitalizing on the power of IoT. Already built on Dell EMC PowerEdge R730 servers, Innodep worked with Dell EMC OEM and Dell IoT to enable Vurix IP-Matrix’s existing Dell EMC hardware stack by integrating the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series. Innodep cut development time by 40% and can now offer customers enhanced building security, greater interoperability, increased performance and simplified support model
  • Talisen Technologies, a Missouri-based software provider, chose Dell EMC OEM Solutions to help develop their IoT solution. Talisen needed a flexible, reliable network edge device to support its Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP), a cloud-based building energy management platform hosted inside a datacenter infrastructure. As a result, the company deployed the Dell Embedded Box PC 3000 and worked with Dell EMC OEM to help bring its ESP gateway to market on a global scale. Now Talisen can offer its customers a compact, reliable gateway solution that better supports accurate and robust Big Data analytics capabilities delivered from a scalable and intelligent converged infrastructure
  • TSSG, an Ireland-based, internationally recognized center of excellence for information and communication technologies research (ICT) and innovation, was looking to develop a world-class IoT testing environment to expedite IoT research access to key verticals in the Irish economy. Building on an existing close and positive relationship with the center, Dell EMC offered best-in-class infrastructure solutions and IoT expertise to deliver an on-campus, multi-protocol, multi-domain IoT testing environment for academic and industry based researchers. With the test environment, TSSG will be able to produce higher quality IoT-driven research to support vertical projects that are pivotal to the Irish economy, such as proof-of-concept designs for agricultural applications. The chosen IoT testing environment consists of Dell EMC PowerEdge R730xd, R730 and R630 with Dell Edge Gateways

Additionally, Dell has replicated similar success within its own factories. Recently, Dell’s factory in Brazil streamlined quality-control in the production line with IoT. The mass customization offered by Dell’s build-to-order model posed a fundamental challenge for quality control – variability. To overcome this issue, the factory developed “Smart EQM,” or End-of-the-line Quality Metric, an IoT-enabled solution based on the Dell Edge Gateway 5100 that uses the power of real-time analytic capabilities.

Today, Smart EQM has greatly refined the factory’s quality-control sampling precision, allowing them to increase Quality team productivity and reduce cycle time. Other benefits include:
  • Boosts EQM platform coverage by 34%
  • Reduces EQM cycle time by 15%
  • Raises Quality team productivity by 20%
  • Refines quality-control sampling precision
  • Increases sampling flexibility via real-time data
  • Offers a scalable, global quality-control model

Customer quotes:
  • “Working with Dell, we have a partner that’s very interested in solving our customers’ problems,” said Mike Boudreaux, Director of Connected Services, Emerson. “We are developing secure connected services to collect data about our customers’ equipment, so they can take action based on that data. There are many gateway manufacturers, but they don’t have the worldwide manufacturing and support capabilities we get with Dell. That’s a real differentiator for our business.”
  • “We quickly identified Dell as a long-term, valued partner,” said Sun Jin Lee, CEO, Innodep. “They understand our business precisely and studied in detail our needs to develop a secure, reliable IoT solution. The sales and technical support were excellent and having a single point of contact for our IT needs allows us to focus on business growth.”
  • “One of the main reasons we chose Dell EMC as a partner for the IoT test bed was the approachable expertise of the Dell EMC team,” said Jerry Horgan, ‎infrastructure manager, TSSG. “They understood that research and innovation are the core of our center, and worked with us to develop a practical solution which will give our researchers access to IoT technology but also give the center flexibility to use the test bed for other projects. Overall, this has been a positive learning experience on both sides, and we look forward to working on future projects with the Dell EMC team.”

For more information about the Internt of Things Solutions from Dell click here.

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High Brightness Open Frame Panel PCs Allure Users to Experience Semi-Outdoor Self-Service Kiosks

NEXCOM International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) – NEXCOM's new open frame Panel PCs OPPC 1540HT/1940HT revamps semi-outdoor self-service kiosks with high brightness for better visibility and enriched customer satisfaction. Available in 15" and 19" sizes, the OPPCs based on the Intel® Celeron® processor J1900 are ideal for any kind of semi-outdoor self-service kiosks carrying high brightness and flexibility not only to suffice specific demands, but also to engage customers into a refreshed experience.

The higher brightness of OPPCs 1540HT/1940HT ensures better visibility in semi-outdoor self-service kiosks all day long. Installed in semi-outdoor environments, most displays are hard to read causing frustration, whereas NEXCOM's Panel PCs with high brightness elevate customer experience when they attempt to get a bike or while paying to charge electric vehicles in the daytime.

The Panel PCs unleash possibilities to seamlessly satisfy individual demands. Starting from member identification, processing requests, updating data in real time, to completing transactions by taking payment and printing invoice, the OPPCs 1540HT/1940HT support card readers, scanners, printers, and cameras to convey every client needs. For instance, if video recording is required for ATMs, or if video calls for assistance intend to provide a friendlier service, then these Panel PCs are the way to go. Self-service kiosks will not only be continuously connected keeping management systems aligned and customers satisfied, but also perform with high reliability during transient voltage surge given the isolation protection on COM ports.

The multimedia capabilities of the OPPCs 1540HT/1940HT take self-service kiosks to the next level. The open frame design allows bezel design customization and effortless fitting into any enclosure. The Panel PCs offer a second display support that raises the interactive experience bringing a versatile and comprehensive solution. A second display in a self-service kiosk can simultaneously play advertisements or offer promotions while the main display serves users providing information, processing registrations, and other on-demand functionalities.

Main Features:
  • 4:3 15" XGA and 4:3 19" SXGA fanless panel PCs
  • Quad-core Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900
  • 1000-nit high brightness
  • PS2/line-out/2x GbE/3x USB/VGA/2x mini-PCIe
  • 2x RS232/422/485 with isolation protection
  • Mounting support: panel/wall/stand/VESA 100mm x 100mm
  • Remote power switch and wide range power input of 12~30V DC

For more information about the New OPPCs 1540HT/1940HT from NEXCOM International click here.

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Reliable Detection of Objects and Fill Levels with Leuze Electronic Sensors

Leuze Electronic (Germany) – "Leuze Electronic is expanding its portfolio of optoelectronic and inductive sensors with capacitive proximity switches, making it possible for users to obtain complete solutions for all detection requirements from a single source", shared Leuze Electronic.

With its new range of capacitive products, Leuze electronic is introducing contactless, wear-free switches which are resistant to electromagnetic influences, interference and contaminants in the air such as dust.

The capacitive switches are available in cylindrical or cubic designs with flush and non-flush mounting options to suit the widest range of applications. Due to their semiconductor technology they have an extremely long life expectancy, regardless of the detection and switching frequency. Whether solid, liquid or granular - capacitive sensors are capable of detecting various objects independently of their material and shape, without contact and without reaction. They are particularly suitable for detecting objects in harsh and dirty environments due to their IP67 housing.

Because of their ability to "see through" certain materials they are particularly suited for use in the packaging industry, detecting products in outer packaging and behind container walls, checking and monitoring fill levels for completeness.

For more information about the New Sensors from Leuze Electronic click here.

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Seeq R18: Introducing Publishing Features and Support for Microsoft Azure

Seeq Corporation (USA) – New publishing and cloud platform support for process insights expands Seeq leadership in visual analytics for IIoT and process manufacturing data.

Seeq Corporation announces the release of its latest version, Seeq R18. This is the 7th release of Seeq software in just the past 18 months, driven by input from customers expanding their use of Seeq. Seeq is a visual analytics application for engineers and scientists in process manufacturing organizations to rapidly wrangle, investigate, and share insights on production data. Target markets include oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, mining, food and beverage, and other process industries.

R18 adds new ease-of-use features, additional flexibility in the way items are displayed in Seeq’s advanced trending interface, and a new Organizer feature to assemble the results of investigations and analytics on time series data into dynamic documents for reports and dashboards. Seeq also announces support for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, with Seeq availability on the AppSource marketplace.

“We are very happy to welcome Seeq and its innovative solution for process manufacturing analytics to Microsoft Azure,” says Vasily Malanin, Senior Program Manager, Commercial Software Engineering at Microsoft Corporation. “Seeq will be a valuable compliment to the investment of Azure customers in IoT Hub and other Azure-based services.”

Prior to supporting Azure, Seeq was already a Microsoft partner with extensive support for Microsoft platforms and products. Seeq runs on Windows Server, supports Active Directory for user management and SQL Server for data access, and can export data to Excel, PowerPoint, and PowerBI for visualization and reporting. The new Azure support includes availability on Microsoft AppSource and support for Azure Active Directory.

“We are excited to expand Seeq to the Azure cloud to support IIoT and data aggregation scenarios for our customers,” says Steve Sliwa, CEO and co-founder of Seeq Corporation. “The combination of investigation and publishing features, for on-premise and cloud deployments, is the next step in our effort to redefine the creation of actionable intelligence from process data."

The new Seeq Organizer module builds on the investigation and analytics in Seeq Workbench, enabling Seeq visualizations from any worksheet to be inserted into a document dynamically generated for any time range and/or operating condition. These documents can serve as the basis for weekly/monthly reports, daily standup meetings, operating period comparisons, batch summaries, incident analyses, and many other scenarios. Insights from process engineers can be quickly accessed via these documents by operators, analysts, managers, and other plant employees.

Seeq’s recent partnering announcements with Inductive Automation, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, OSIsoft—along with support for all the leading historians—make it the most widely accessible and extensively used visual analytics solution among process manufacturing companies. Other supported historians include GE Proficy, AspenTech IP21, Emerson DeltaV Continuous Historian, Ovation DCS Historian, and WonderWare Historian.

“Seeq continues to push the envelope of modern analytics for process manufacturing companies,” says Janice Abel, Principal Analyst at ARC Advisory Group. “To the best of our knowledge, the addition of the Organizer functionality to the company's existing work with Journals for knowledge capture, on top of its visual analytics features, sets Seeq apart from any other offering in this space."

For more information about the New Seeq R18 Software from Seeq Corporation click here.

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TECHBASE upgrades the ModBerry 500 Industrial Computer with CM3

TECHBASE Group sp. z o.o. (Poland) – ModBerry 500/9500 M3 is an upgraded ModBerry 500/9500 Linux-based industrial computer series, using latest Compute Module 3 from Raspberry Pi. ModBerry is a series of industrial computers which can be easily adapted to the needs by choosing from the available options.

Upgraded ModBerry industrial computer series use latest Compute Module 3, powered by Quad-core Cortex-A53 1.2GHz processor, 1024MB LPDDR2 RAM and 4GB Flash eMMC. The module increase the device’s performance up to ten times, maintaining low power consumption and optimal price of the solution. ModBerry features industrial protocol support, e.g. Modbus, M-Bus, SNMP, MQTT and the possibility to add new protocols with ease.

ModBerry 500 hardware modularity:
The main features of ModBerry Industrial Computers series are the extension capabilities to increase input/output number, add up to 4 internal wireless communication modems and modules, support additional features such as accelerometer or opto-isolation options.

ModBerry 500 series offers wide range of industrial interfaces e.g.: digital inputs/outputs, analog inputs/outputs, relay outputs, serial RS-232/485 ports, Ethernet, 1-Wire, CAN, USB 2.0, HDMI, LTE/3G/GPRS, NarrowBand IoT/LTE, GPS, ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa and many more via extension modules.

According to TECHBASE Group, "Raspberry Pi based industrial computer ModBerry expands to new platforms, setting new trends on the industrial automation market. ModBerry series offers now a variety of new processing units, wider range of possible applications due to much higher performance than before. We introduced ModBerry M700 based on NanoPi platform, Intel-based ModBerry M1000 with UpBoard computing module and latest ModBerry 400 to complete Raspberry Pi platform with economical device for further upgrades with extension modules".

ModBerry remote management:
The iMod platform guarantees a quick start and full use of the ModBerry computer, without the need to write complicated software. One of the main advantages of the iMod platform is its ease of use and variety of available functionalities. Due to the available SDK, the platform can be extended with new, dedicated functionalities.

iMod can be installed directly onto ModBerry device or using external PC outside the installation (iModBOX). The third option is using dedicated hosting server to host the iMod software (iModHOST).

Another product is iModCloud software-service, which enables full control of ModBerry/iMod devices. Together they form a stand-alone solution – iModCloud Ecosystem, a combination of cloud services with web-based user interface and industrial devices, fully manageable remotely.

iModCloud can be hosted externally, using stable DELL servers to host the cloud service.(iModCloudHOST). For higher data security or depending on project features, iModCloud can be hosted internally, inside the installation (iModCloudBOX) hosted by the dedicated Mini-PC or from portable memory stick (iModCloudSTARTER).

For more information about the ModBerry 500 Industrial Computer from TECHBASE Group sp. z o.o. click here.

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New Flow Computer Setup brings several benefits for Canadian company

ProSoft Technology, Inc. (Canada) – ARC Resources is a major oil and gas company centered on four areas across Western Canada. In such a large operation, efficiency is key.

The company was looking to minimize cabinet space and streamline its operations. On a multi-well pad site in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, they had a Rockwell Automation® ControlLogix® system with standalone flow computers that were used to meter natural gas. The flow computers were only able to handle 8 meter runs apiece, however, which wasn’t optimal for such a large operation that had its sights on future expansion. The company also found it was difficult to get meter data from the standalone units into their ControlLogix system. For real-time information and control of their equipment, that integration needed to be seamless.

In ProSoft Technology’s Enhanced Flow Computer, ARC Resources found a solution that would allow the company to minimize space and left room for expansion in the future.

By the end of the project, the company saw a variety of benefits, including:
  • Reduced wiring
  • Data integration
  • Fewer flow computers
  • No licensing fees
  • Smaller cabinet

ProSoft’s team and Rockwell Automation’s Calgary sales group, working with Rexel Westburne (the local distributor), helped the company see the benefits of this simplified setup.

“ProSoft’s in-chassis flow computers fit right into their controller, which has helped streamline data integration and reduced their wiring,” said Scott Monton, Regional Sales Manager at ProSoft.

This streamlined setup has also enabled the company to make better use of its cabinet space.

"And those limited meter runs? No longer an issue", shared Prosoft.

“With this solution, we’re now able to do 16 meter runs per flow computer, limiting the number of units we need,” said Charlie Kettner, Programming Specialist at ARC Resources. “We also like that the system can be expanded later if we need more meter runs.”

With the decreased number of units and their placement in the PAC, the company has been able to reduce wiring and labor costs, and use a smaller cabinet – all of which has helped ARC Resources lower its overall system cost, which was a major goal. Licensing costs have also been eliminated with the addition of ProSoft’s solution, since they will no longer need separate licenses for gas and liquid metering.

"With this streamlined setup, ARC Resources is able to optimize their space and resources, and receive important data even more quickly", concluded Prosoft.

For more information about the Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry from ProSoft Technology click here.

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Yaskawa Motoman Adds New GP25 Model to High-Speed GP-Series Robot Line

Yaskawa Motoman Robotics (Japan) – The efficient, high-speed Motoman® GP25 robot is a new, compact robot that is ideal for assembly, dispensing, handling, material removal and packaging applications. All axis speeds have been increased, some over 40%, surpassing other robots in its class and delivering increased productivity. This six-axis model is the fourth in the GP-series line of robots.

Its small footprint allows for minimum installation space and minimizes interference with peripheral devices. This allows it to be placed in close proximity to workpieces and other robots to create flexible, high-density layouts.

The slim arm design and broad working envelope allow operation in wider work areas with the ability to delve deeply into the workspace. The GP25 robot offers minimum acceleration/deceleration times for all robot positions resulting in overall high performance. Its high wrist allowable moment provides accurate and repeatable handing.

Installation is quick and efficient. A single cable connects the manipulator to the controller, resulting in easy setup and reduced expenses for maintenance and spare parts inventory.

The GP25 features an IP67-rated wrist and an IP54 body. An XP (eXtra Protection) package that increases the body protection rating to IP65 is available. This model offers a 25 kg payload capacity, 1,730 mm horizontal reach and 3,089 mm vertical reach. It can be floor-, ceiling- or wall-mounted.

GP-series robots are controlled by Yaskawa’s new high-performance YRC1000 controller that is built to a global standard and does not require a transformer for input voltages ranging from 380VAC to 480VAC. The YRC1000 is highly compact (598 W x 490 H x 427 D mm), resulting in reduced space requirements. Its I/O communication speed is improved by as much as 50% for improved work efficiency and a single controller-to-robot cable improves cable reliability. The improved programming pendant design features enhanced ergonomics and lighter weight.

For more information about the New GP25 Robot from Yaskawa Motoman Robotics click here.

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Scaime MDX-8000: High Speed Bragg Grating Sensors Measurement

Scaime S.A.S. (France) – MDX-8000 is a high speed data acquisition unit for Bragg grating sensors. Its 8 optical channels are sampled in parallel at up to 2 kHz. As much as 128 sensors can measured simultaneously over 8 optical lines.

The unit accepts many types of and can measure stress, temperature, pressure, acceleration, force, displacement... without buying expensive conditioning modules.

  • Available in 1 kHz or 2 kHz versions, with 4 or 8 optical lines, this unit offers numerous advanced functionalities
  • Auto-detection of sensors defects
  • Digital input for acquisitions synchronization
  • 4 digital outputs that can be configured on thresholds, sensor or system faults
  • Compensation of light propagation speed
  • Possibility to connect a GPS antenna for ultra-accurate data dating
  • Data recording on internal memory or data transfer on Ethernet via TCP-IP

The MDX-8000 embedded software integrates an extremely intuitive and user-friendly web interface that allows the setup of the entire system and sensors without having to install specific software on a PC. The MDX-8000 can be used in a fully autonomous way: once power is on, it will automatically start measurements and can store them on its internal memory.

For more information about the MDX-8000 Data Acquisition System from Scaime S.A.S. click here.

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NuTec Tooling Announces Building Expansion

NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc. (USA) – NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc. has announced plans to expand their current facility located in Meadville, Pennsylvania. The 2,650 square-foot expansion will consists primarily of office space intended for collaborative use by engineers working on NuTec’s design-build projects. New offices for engineers, a dedicated office for partners, and an enlarged conference room will be added as part of the project.

According to NuTec President, Brian Deane, the increased space will allow them to hire needed engineers in the future. Deane added, “It will also help us keep pace with the growing needs of our collaborative partners who can show up on site with a full team ready to work on a new project.”

This sentiment was echoed by NuTec partner, Tessy Plastics Corporation, headquartered in Elbridge, New York. “It’s lovely to see NuTec growing right along with us,” said Tessy’s Director of Research and Development, Willie Werner.

News of the planned project was viewed as a positive sign by those in the local manufacturing community as well. Tami Adams, Executive Director of the NWPA Chapter National Tooling & Machining Association, stated, “It not only demonstrates the family's commitment to reinvest in the business, but also confirms their commitment to provide job opportunities and continued growth in the region.”

Groundbreaking on the facility expansion is slated to begin in August of 2017, and is viewed as the first step toward later plans for expanding NuTec’s adjoining production facility by an additional 4,000 square-feet at a future date.

About NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc.:
Started over 30 years ago, NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc. designs and builds factory automation solutions and industrial robotics for contract manufacturers and manufacturers of complex components. NuTec specializes in factory automation solutions for industries such as: medical, small electronics/devices, electro-mechanical automation, energy storage, consumer products, and more.

For more information about the Automation Solutions from NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc. click here.

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Korenix Announced New Industrial Ethernet Switch for Reliable and Secured Field Site Monitoring

Korenix Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) – Korenix is pleased to share its announcement of latest Industrial Ethernet Switch-JetNet 7014G. It is in compliance with NEMA-TS2, EN50121-4, IEC 61000-6-2 and IEC 61000-6-4 which makes it a perfect fit for field site applications including railway trackside, roadside traffic control cabinet, etc.

The JetNet 7014G is a Layer 3 Industrial Ethernet Switch equipped with 10 Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 ports and 4 Gigabit SFP ports. It supports Layer 2 Performance such as IEEE802.1Q VLAN, Private VLAN, Trunk, Packet Filtering, DHCP Server/Client, Traffic Prioritize and Rate Control. For the Layer 3 Network Routing Protocols, it supports Static/Dynamic Route, VLAN Routing, IP Multicasting Routing, VRRP and OSPF Routing. With the routing functions, it can route the IP stream quickly and efficiently with high speed scalability and low latency.

Fiber Optical Quality Monitoring:
Korenix JetNet 7014G provides Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DMM) to recognize the specification of fiber transceiver. The DMM function enabled user to monitor the launched power and temperature, receive signal strength, and alert user when the fiber signal is getting poor.

Cyber Network Redundancy for Non-stop Transmission:
Korenix JetNet 7014G adapts new Cyber Network Redundancy Technology including Multiple Super Ring (MSR), Super Chain, ERPS, and IEEE standards-RSTP/MSTP technologies to ensure network reliability. MSR is a seamless network redundant technology, which contains various technologies- Rapid Super Ring (RSRTM), Rapid Dual Homing (RDHTM), MultiRingTM and TrunkRingTM for different network redundancy topologies and applications. With these network redundant technologies, a node can be configured to multiple rings with failover time less than 50ms and zero restoration time, highly improves the stability on important data transmission.

Advanced Cyber Security for Data Protection:
The JetNet 7014G supports Korenix Advanced Cyber Security functions which cover MAC security, IEEE 802.1x Port Based access control , IEEE 802.1x Radius Server authentication, 802.1x MAB, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), IP Source Guard, Denial of ARP Inspection, can fully protect the data by avoiding unidentified IP access to the users’ devices and ensure secured data transmission in Surveillance Applications.

Korenix JetNet 7014G features:
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 ports, 4 Gigabit SFP ports
  • 1000Mbps Fiber Connection with DDM function
  • Non-Blocking, High Speed Network Switching Fabric
  • Fully Device Management – SNMP v1/v2c/v3, RMON, Web UI, Telnet and Local Console
  • Friendly Device and Network Topology recovery utility – Korenix View, Korenix NMS
  • Hardware Watchdog for System Auto-Recovery
  • High Level Electromagnetic interface immunity
  • IP Surveillance solution with NEMA-TS2 characteristic
  • Railway Trackside EN50121-4 compliance
  • High Operating Temperature - -40~75℃
  • Redundant wide range power input – DC 10~36V

For more information about the New JetNet 7014G Ethernet Switch from Korenix Technology click here.

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