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Utilcell launches a New Configuration Software for SWIFT Transmitters

Utilcell (Spain) – UTILCELL launched the new SWIFT-PC Software. Remote configuration and calibration is added to our entire range of SWIFT transmitters. In addition to the complete calibration via RS-232, it is now possible to remotely configure various equipment connected to the RS-485 bus from a single central computer, without physically moving to each SWIFT transmitter, significantly reducing the time and costs of commissioning.

For more information about the SWIFT Transmitters from Utilcell click here.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Automation Inside Readers’ Choice Awards 2016 - Winners have been announced!

The third Automation Inside Readers’ Choice Awards have reached the final stage and the winners have been announced. Once again the Awards were a huge success. Here are some statistics of this edition of the Automation Inside Awards:
  • 38 Automation Companies Nominated
  • 42 Automation Products and Solutions Nominated
  • Hundreds of Votes from 52 Countries
Thanks for your participation this year and we are looking forward to your participation next year.

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Here are the WINNERS. Congratulations!

Best Automation Company 2016 - First Place

VIPA GmbH (Germany)
VIPA GmbH is the YASKAWA-owned German control automation manufacturer, offering very powerful and cost-effective control solutions build around STEP7 programming for over 30 years. VIPA's product line includes compact, modular and high-speed PLCs, centralized and remote I/O systems, HMIs and remote management modems. VIPA is also very flexible on the fieldbus side, covering PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, CANopen, DeviceNet, InterBus and Modbus protocols.

Best Automation Company 2016 - Second Place

Utilcell (Spain)
UTILCELL is a manufacturer of Load Cells, Mechanical Accessories and Weighing Electronics.

Since our beginnings, more than 35 years ago, we have been leaders in the domestic load cell market, which has enabled us to expand internationally and consolidate ourselves today as one of the five main manufacturers in the world.

As a family-owned business, it’s in our nature to work and collaborate closely with our clients. The company headquarters are located in Barcelona, with local offices in several countries and an extensive worldwide distribution network that allows UTILCELL to supply its products to 4,000 clients.

Our customer commitment is to satisfy their needs by offering:
  • Broad range of products: load cells from 0.3kg to 600t, weighing indicators, high speed transmitters, remote displays and custom-made designs
  • Product quality, performance and robustness
  • High production capacity, high stock availability and fast global logistics
  • Manufacturer guarantee
  • Personal and efficient personalized technical advice
  • Very competitive prices

Best Automation Company 2016 - Third Place

KEBA AG (Austria)
KEBA AG is a globally successful high-tech company that focuses on the automation of industry, banking and service processes, plus energy automation. The high-quality hardware and software components and system solutions are developed and produced in line with the company's guiding principle of "Automation by innovation".

KEBA's industrial automation business area concentrates on the automated control of robots, injection molding machines, processes and automation solutions for mechanical engineering in general. Furthermore, the Austrian company is the market leader for mobile operating terminals in industrial applications.

A wide range of series products are available for every possible application. In addition to this, experts develop client-specific, individual automation solutions quickly which are then implemented professionally in accordance with the respective requirements.

The extensive product portfolio with its perfectly interacting hardware and software modules enables KEBA to offer customized and comprehensive solutions from a single source.

This is why so many well-known and internationally successful mechanical engineering groups, robot manufacturers and service providers place their trust in KEBA products.

Best Control System 2016

SLIO compactPLC 013C
VIPA GmbH (Germany) - Our speed demon is a small, fast and incredibly efficient SLIO compact CPU, which expands the SLIO family by a compact CPU. With it, you have a hell of a great performance in very little space. It sets new standards especially with regard to speed combined with compact design. The highlights of the SLIO compact CPU:
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • The irrepressible SPEED7 technology allows fast processing, precise positioning and diverse control tasks
  • Extremely fast backplane bus transmission of 48 MBit/s
  • CPU expandable with all SLIO modules up to 64 modules
  • 30 integrated inputs and outputs: 16 digital inputs; 12 digital outputs; 2 analog inputs (0-10V)
  • Technological functions: 2x PWM, 1x counter, 1x frequency measurement
  • 2 integrated Ethernet interfaces and one RS485 interface for optional usage of PROFIBUS DP slave function
  • Flexible memory and fieldbus configuration by means of the VIPA SET Card (VSC)
Our speed demon eliminates your small to medium sized automation worries. You profit by saving space in the control cabinet, the high performance, and the extensive expansion options as well as by a cost saving of up to approx. 30% on the procurement side, compared with modular system solutions.

Best Sensor 2016

Mod. 300 (5…500 kg) – High accuracy for weighing tanks and hoppers
Utilcell (Spain) - The load cell Model 300 (5...500 kg), together the mounting kit, have been designed for robust and accurate weighing in industrial processes of tanks and hoppers, with multiple advantages:
  • Stainless steel, hermetically-sealed load cell with the highest protection grade IP 68/IP 69K
  • Globally used in legal weighing systems. OIML Class C 3000 to 6000 div. and NTEP Class III & IIIL 4000 to 10000 div, single or multiple load cells
  • Highly recommended load cell for any type of tanks and hoppers in industrial weighing applications
  • High repeatability and high accuracy of the weighing values
  • Improved force transmission to the load cell due to a ball-based joint, giving the best accommodation in cases of thermal expansions, structural torsions and deflections.
  • Superior safety systems for the utmost reliability:
    • Easy installation in the tank and hopper supports, with or without the load cell
    • Blockage bolts for transport protection of the load cells
    • Upper plate with conical holes for self-centering
    • Integrated lift-off prevention system
    • Cable-entry protection plate for impact protection during commissioning and in transited zones
Model 300 is the best-selling load cell for any type of tanks and hoppers in industrial weighing applications.

Best Measurement System 2016

SWIFT – Weighing Indicator and High-speed Transmitter
Utilcell (Spain) - UTILCELL (Spain) - The SWIFT is a Weighing Indicator and High-speed Transmitter, especially indicated for Process Weighing & Machinery, in both static and dynamic applications. Due to its design as well as the various possibilities of data transmission, smart weighing functions, digital inputs and outputs, it is ideal for connection to PLC, PC and remote systems making easy the integration in automated systems.

Its main characteristics are:
  • High-speed reading: 2400 measures per second
  • High resolution: 24-bit ADC with 16,000,000 internal divisions and 100,000 external divisions
  • Calibration by masses or in mV/V
  • Calibration sealing by software or mechanically
  • Configuration and calibration by keyboard or computer
  • Selectable digital filters
  • Power up to 8 load cells (350 W) or up to 16 load cells (700 Ω)
  • RS-232 & RS-485 communication (Modbus RTU & ASCII)
  • PROFIBUS & PROFINET communication
  • Analogue output configurable at 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA & 4-20 mA, with galvanic isolation
  • 3 Digital opto-isolated inputs with status LED
  • 3 Digital outputs to relay with status LED
  • DIN Rail and Panel mounting versions
  • Weighing and level measurement in tanks & silos
  • Filling and dosing machines
  • Check-weigher scales
  • Animal weighing scales
  • Test machinery

Best Automation Software 2016

VectorCAST Test Automation Platform
Vector Software, Inc. (USA) - The VectorCAST test automation platform provides unrivalled automated software testing tools that enable the implementation of a complete and automated test infrastructure across the software development lifecycle. While embedded software testing has typically been a laborious process, the VectorCAST solution supports C, C++ and Ada and uses Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Change-Based Testing processes to engineer reliable software for accelerated time-to-market release cycles. In-depth analytics via heat maps and dynamic dashboards provide code quality and completeness metrics, enabling users to quickly check their code health in real time to reduce risk and prioritize valuable test resources.

Customers who use the VectorCAST test automation platform see huge savings in terms of aftermarket services, reduced total cost of ownership, and improved schedules and overall development resources. The platform is used in numerous safety- and mission-critical industries, including aerospace/defense, automotive, medical, railway, industrial-controls and business critical.

Best Motion System 2016

iPOS4808 MY-CAT-STO Universal Drive with EtherCAT and Safety Functionality
Technosoft SA (Switzerland) - The iPOS4808 is an intelligent drive with integrated motion controller offering 1kW of peak power in a compact and flexible design.

Conceived as a plug-in solution for multi-axes systems requiring precise position control and EtherCAT interface, the iPOS4808 MY-CAT-STO drive offers Safe Torque Off functionality via dedicated HW implementation. This allows the user to reduce the system cost while increasing the safety level of his application.

Due to it's innovative motor control architecture, the iPOS4808 represents a universal drive solution for any motor that fits it's power ratings - 48V, 8A/20A. Either brushed DC, brushless DC, stepper or linear motors can be controlled by the drive that supports as well a variety of feedback types ranging from incremental TTL or sin/cos encoders to absolute SSI or BiSS position sensors. One drive for any motor technology brings a big advantage in terms of reducing the stock items as well as the implementation time due to a unique user interface for all axes.

Another advantage is represented by the plug-in capability of the product that offer a large flexibility in terms of integration into the user motherboard where the size, shape and connectors can be customized to respond exactly to the application requirements.

The iPOS4808 MY-CAT-STO is designed for high end applications (e.g. dual loop control) where it's advanced control architecture integrating up to 9 digital filters makes the difference in terms of motion control performance.

Best Network Technology 2016

Anybus Wireless Bolt
HMS Industrial Networks (Sweden) - The Anybus Wireless Bolt is a wireless access point designed to be mounted on a machine or cabinet to give it wireless access via WLAN, Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy.

This access makes it possible to do configuration via a regular tablet or smartphone or connect to a cloud service, realizing Industrial IoT.

The Anybus Wireless Bolt is mounted onto a machine or cabinet (just like a bolt) to give it a robust and IP67-classed wireless interface. It is typically used for configuration purposes. For example, the Bolt makes it possible to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) such as a tablet or smartphone to a machine and use it as an HMI. Another typical use case is connecting a machine to a cloud service.

The Wireless Bolt can communicate wirelessly up to 100 meters via WLAN, Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy. On the wired side, the Anybus Wireless Bolt can communicate with devices on serial (RS232/485), CAN or Ethernet. Regardless of communication method, it has the same connector (2x9p Plug Connector) for both power and communication.

Best Packaging System 2016

MelPackAL: Solutions for your packaging machine
Mitsubishi Electric (Japan) - Mitsubishi Electric have developed a modular control system that uses predefined function blocks especially for packaging machines which can be used to set up control systems including HMIs quickly and easily. The program modules have been tested in practice and are certified in accordance with international standards such as PLC Open Motion and PackML. When used in conjunction with the integrated development tools from the iQ Platform, they ensure reduced time to market for packaging solutions.

Having already proved itself many times in practice, the concept enables different packaging processes to be easily realized using Mitsubishi Electric's iQ Platform. Customized machine solutions can be implemented with ease by choosing from the wide range of integrated PLC, motion, HMI and servo systems on offer. Besides the iQ Platform, the tubular bag machine includes a PLC, a motion controller, servomotors, and GOT2000 HMI from Mitsubishi Electric, for example. The iQ Platform comes with the iQ Works integrated development software package that enables different components to be parametrized very easily and quickly. It also comes with preconfigured program modules which can help to considerably reduce the development times for packaging systems. They are suitable for small machines up to complete production lines and are stored in a standard library. In addition, the function blocks ensure reduced maintenance costs during operation.

In addition Mitsubishi Electric control systems have open interfaces for packaging applications such as the Weihenstephan protocol and PackML, for example. These enable different packaging machines and/or lines to communicate with each other very easily. They also support plug-and-play connections to higher-level MES and ERP systems. That means that production planning and quality assurance can be integrated in the control process, enabling productivity, reliability and cost control to be improved as a result while maintaining complete data consistency.

Best Data Logger/Analyzer/Storage 2016

Fischer Rugged Flash Drive USB 3.0
Fischer Connectors (Switzerland) - Fischer Rugged Flash Drive memory stick has been specially designed for the safe transportation and storage of sensitive data in harsh environments.

The USB 3.0 Fischer Rugged Flash Drive is even faster, smaller and more user-friendly than the USB 2.0 product introduced to the market in 2011. The read speed is now up to five times faster; standard memory sizes are 32, 64 or 128 GB; the body is shorter; and, in order to guarantee secure access, it is now available not only with the Fischer UltiMate Series interface, but also with the Fischer MiniMax Series interface. The activity LED is a further feature of the new product to improve usability.

Miniature – the size of a key ring – and lightweight, the Fischer Rugged Flash Drive has proven to be the durable solution for people on the go who need to download and securely transfer confidential data, images or videos from devices used in extreme environmental conditions or in hard-to-reach areas. It is perfectly adapted for applications where data security and confidentiality are critical, such as the defense and security, financial, medical, industrial, energy, underwater, motor and extreme sport sectors, e.g. for civil or military UAVs, ROVs, test & measure equipment or rugged computers.

Main technical specifications:
  • IP68 sealed even unmated
  • Unique Fischer UltiMate (size 07) and MiniMax (size 08) interfaces
  • Up to 100 MB/s read speed
  • High speed USB 3.0
  • Memory sizes: 32, 64, 128 GB
  • Resists corrosion, vibration, shock and extreme temperatures

Best Electrical Product 2016

Fischer MiniMax 06 Ultra-Miniature Connector
Fischer Connectors (Switzerland) - The MiniMax 06 connector is a ultra-miniature connector from the miniature high-density product range, the Fischer MiniMax™ Series.

The MiniMax 06 connector can include up to 12 power and signal contacts in a footprint of only 10 mm. This corresponds to a density factor* of 0.83 – a unique technological feature for a connector with standard 0.5 mm contacts. The new MiniMax 06 connector also includes a new unique configuration with 2 signal and 2 high-power 1.3 mm contacts for applications needing 10 Amps or more power, doubling the standard 5 Amps current rating of the existing MiniMax product line.

MiniMax 06 is easy to use and ensures premium performance even in harsh environments. Also available as a pre-cabled solution, it is ideally suited for handheld or body-worn applications when space is limited, in such fields as defense & security, instrumentation, testing equipment, civil or military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), among many others.

Increased power & miniaturization with continued durability: With this new smaller connector, Fischer Connectors continues to drive the evolution towards combined signal and power connectors as a way of making electronics lighter and smaller. MiniMax 06 integrates fully into the ultra-miniature high-performance Fischer MiniMax™ Series, well-known for its use in limited space and lightweight applications, and for meeting the combined needs of multiple signals and power. Tested for high-speed protocols such as HDMI and data transfer up to 10Gb/s, the series also addresses the growing market need for higher data transmission rates.

Best Embedded System/HMI 2016

KeTop T70
KEBA AG (Austria) - Effective mobile operation, brilliant visualization:
The mobile terminal KeTop T70 with its high-resolution display and fast processors is perfectly suited for demanding visualization and operating applications. Its robust housing is ergonomically shaped and light, enabling long and exhaustion-free operation. Unique features such as a performance that grows with the application, as well as an additional, optional rear side keyboard make KeTop T70 a long-term and versatile hand-held control unit.

Protection of investment with performance that grows:
The user-friendly operating interface of a modern visualization device must be quick and fluid. Thus, KeTop T70 can be equipped with a selection of extremely high-performance ARM processors. However, the computing power should not only be sufficient when the device is purchased, it should also be able to handle future tasks with increasing software requirements, something that generally requires better hardware. KeTop T70 therefore is built in modular design, which means that it is easy and quick to upgrade to newer processor technologies. Such an upgrade can be done without adaptations of the visualization solution and software; no interventions in the machine concept are required for this.

Best Identification Technology 2016

RAIN RFID ecosystem
NextPoints RFID (Spain) - Our RAIN RFID solution provides a while ecosystem for Internet of Things applications in real life: industry, retail, security,...

RAIN RFID system consists of all the components any system integrator or end user needs to deploy a consistent IoT solution: RFID fixed readers, RFID portals, RFID tags and labels, mobile RFID devices and any required accessory.

RAIN RFID solution also includes a middleware and software platforms to integrate into existing business processes and software, thus making RFID to improve any existing process without big changes in the daily activities.

Best Cabinet Solution 2016

Fiktech B.V. prevents production issues in the Outback - Smart use of Vortex Cabinet Coolers
Fiktech B.V. - Production Optimization (Netherlands) - In order to overcome production issues, Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH, Cologne Germany, has designed the ingenious XSS ® X-Ray sorting plant. Thanks to this manufacturing plant the quarried valuable Tungsten Concentrate of the Wolfram Camp mine may be separated from the gangue, which provides for up to 85% (!) of the production flow. The centre of the entire system is the section where by means of X-ray beams and highly sensitive cameras the desired material within the ore is detected.

During the development of the plant Steinert GmbH called in the help of Fiktech B.V. to find a feasible solution to protect the X-Ray section against extreme Australian production conditions; large temperature differences and negative influences of dust and moisture. Fiktech engineered for this purpose a dedicated system based on the use of AFECO Vortex Cabinet Coolers in order to keep the housing of the X-Ray section at a slight overpressure, along with cooling the electronics and preventing condensation. The Wolfram Camp Mine now produces in an operationally reliable manner ore concentrates of very high quality without the use of water and with minimal production of waste.

Best Robot 2016

Omron Cart Transporter
Omron Adept Technologies, Inc. (USA) - The Omron Cart Transporter is an mobile robot designed to attach to movable carts and transport them from a pickup location to a drop off location. Applications include line-side inventory replenishment, moving flow racks, transporting Work in Progress (WIP) between process steps, and moving finished goods to the warehouse. The Omron Cart Transporter leverages Natural Feature Navigation to autonomously find a path through the facility without the need for any facility modifications necessary. The Omron Cart Transporter is safe to operate in existing doors and aisle ways as it can sense and avoid people, fork trucks and other objects in its path.

Best Encoder 2016

Best Signaling System 2016

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Invertek Variable Frequency Drives help MAS Fabric Park in Sri Lanka cut energy bills

Invertek Drives Ltd. (Sri Lanka) - Since first opening back in 2007, Sri Lanka’s MAS Fabric Park has been firmly committed to maximizing an environmentally friendly culture and reducing any impact operations have on its surroundings. So when the MAS Fabric Park wanted to reduce the current energy consumption at its Waste Water Treatment Plant, it looked no further than Invertek’s proven variable frequency drives technology which has already seen savings made of between 28,000-30,000+ kWh of energy every month.

Harsha Deraniyagala, Deputy General Manager for Hydro & Environment at the park, which is situated in Thulhiriya, said: “We are delighted with the results as the Invertek installation is already returning an OPEX saving of about Rs. 4.5 Million/annum and the costs entailed will be paid back in just a ten-month period.

“Before the CETP-VFD project was implemented, about 3,000 kWh/day was being consumed and this figure had now come down to less than 2,000 KWh/day while having no effect on the dissolved oxygen levels in the deep aeration tanks which are still well within stipulated limits,” he added.

Anushka Chandrasoma, Application Engineer at Hayleys Industrial Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Invertek’s sales partner in Sri Lanka, said: “The Park had four 22 kW rated re-circulation pumps fixed inside the deep aeration tanks with motors running for a minimum of 22 hours per day and the customer wanted to save at least 25% of the present consumption by fitting VFDs to them.

“We were also asked to fit VFDs for 75 kW rated aeration blower and one 11kw high lift pump, which again were running for up to 20 hours per day.

“I am delighted our installation has been able to achieve such fantastic results in such a quick period of time and it confirms that Invertek’s VFDs really are one of the best options for companies wanting to make immediate and significant savings in their energy usage which they will continue to benefit from for many years.

“We are planning to showcase the success of this installation to other companies working in the HVAC sector and this will support us as we continue to develop the market for Invertek’s VFDs in Sri Lanka,” he added.

Harsha added: “We were delighted with the efficiency of the whole operation and the fact the work was completed to deadline without any need for our Park customers to suffer any shutdowns.

“This is particularly important as the Sri Lankan textile and apparel industry is a pivotal driver in the country’s employment levels and utilizes 15% of work labour available as well as servicing some of the biggest apparel brands in the world such as Nike, Victoria's Secret, Ann Taylor and Marks and Spencer.

“We are now considering a similar installation at our sister plant where there is also room for energy savings as high capacity motors are currently being used and we won’t hesitate to use Invertek’s VFDs again,” he added.

Dylan Davies, Invertek’s Product Manager, said: “This installation used our popular Optidrive Eco variable frequency drives which have been designed to provide maximum operating efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

“Accurate speed control and an energy optimisation function made this the perfect choice for the Park which is already reaping the benefits from lower energy consumption meaning the park will soon see payback for the cost of the drives and their installation, ensuring another happy customer,” he added.

For more information about the Optidrive Eco Range from Invertek Drives Ltd. click here.

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Ziehl-Abegg invests 28 million euros in the Hohenlohe Business Park - Significant increase in productivity

Ziehl-Abegg (Germany) - Ground breaking ceremony in Germany: Ziehl-Abegg is building a new factory in the Hohenlohe Business Park for the production of energy-efficient electric drives and fans. The existing manufacture of these products is to be relocated from Künzelsau to the new site and production expanded.

“We are pointing the way ahead for the future,” says Peter Fenkl, Chief Executive of Ziehl-Abegg, as an investment of 28 million euros for building and machinery will bring about a significant increase in productivity at the motor and fan manufacturer. In the ZA Kupferzell plant, space will be created for the manufacture of modern energy-saving fans (EC technology). At the official ground-breaking ceremony, the Baden-Württemberg Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, emphasises the future sustainability of Baden-Württemberg’s mechanical engineering industry.

“Baden-Württemberg is a pioneer of Industry 4.0 and has the potential to be the lead provider. Here – in the industrial heart of Europe – we are home to the sectors that will enable Industry 4.0 to become reality. Our medium-sized mechanical engineering companies are technology and market leaders and are at home all around the world. At the same time however, their roots are in Baden-Württemberg – as proven by today's ground-breaking ceremony. This is not only the start of a new chapter in the history of Ziehl Abegg SE, it is also a clear commitment to the region and as Minister of Economic Affairs I am delighted about that. This commitment is one of the keys to Baden-Württemberg, as a centre of mechanical engineering, also becoming the mechanical engineering region of the future”, according to Minister Hoffmeister-Kraut.

EC production will be relocated from Künzelsau to Kupferzell:
Since worldwide demand for energy-saving fans and drives is rising, the Künzelsau-based company is constructing a new building for EC production in the Hohenlohe Business Park (Baden-Württemberg). “With this investment we are strengthening the position of Germany and Hohenlohe in particular as a manufacturing location”, says Fenkl. Up to now, the energy-saving drives and fans have been manufactured primarily in the plant on Würzburger Straße in Künzelsau. The 28 million euro investment comprises the new building as well as new machines. “This is where we will be establishing a showcase factory for Industry 4.0”, stresses the CEO.

The relocation of the existing production facilities will take place at the end of 2017. This will be accompanied by the transfer of 140 jobs from Künzelsau (Würzburger Straße) to the new building. “Obviously, a relocation of place of work for those affected is often not easy,” says CEO Fenkl. That’s why the decision was also not an easy one for the company. However, the existing site is already operating at full capacity, making further growth there impossible. “And there is clear evidence that this sector is growing”, says Fenkl. The reason being that the requirements of the European Union for the power consumption of electric drives and fans will be tightened even further by the year 2020 at the latest. These requirements are laid down the Eco-design Directive, the so-called ErP Directive (Energy-related Products). “We have been noticing the trend towards our highly efficient products for some years now” says the CEO, commenting on the positive development which is continuing in the current year 2016.

Further increase in the number of employees:
Ziehl-Abegg has been manufacturing fans in the Hohenlohe Business Park since 2003 Hohenlohe. In 2008, this plant, which produces radial fans, was expanded to around 19,000 square metres. The entire Ziehl-Abegg site in the Business Park covers an area of approx. 235,000 square meters. The latest new building, with the distinctive ZA Tower, has become something of an eye-catcher. Elevator drives and drives both for medical technology as well as for underwater vehicles have been developed and manufactured at this site since 2014 on an area covering more than 12,000 square metres. It is also home to the Ziehl-Abegg Automotive Division with the ZAwheel gearless hub drive for electric city buses.

The number of employees at Ziehl-Abegg in the Hohenlohe Business Park will therefore rise in the coming year from the existing 480 to well over 620. Just how many additional jobs will be created within what period of time at the ZA Kupferzell plant cannot be realistically anticipated at this point in time.

About Ziehl-Abegg:
Ziehl-Abegg (Künzelsau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany) is one of the leading international companies in the field of ventilation and drive technology and the associated control systems. Back in the Fifties’ Ziehl-Abegg established the basis for modern fan drives: external rotor motors which even today are still seen as state-of-the-art worldwide. Another area of business is electric motors which provide the power e.g. for elevators, medical applications (computer tomography equipment) or deep-sea underwater vehicles. The theme of electro-mobility for motor vehicles was established as part of Ziehl-Abegg Automotive in 2012.

The high-tech company has an impressive innovative capability. Ziehl-Abegg employs 1,950 personnel in its production plants in Southern Germany. The company has a global workforce of 3,450 spread between 16 production plants, 27 companies and 97 sales locations. The products, approx. 30,000 in all, are sold in more than 100 countries. Turnover in 2015 totalled 448 million euros, with exports accounting for three quarters of the figure.

Emil Ziehl founded the company in Berlin in 1910 as a manufacturer of electric motors. After the Second World War the company’s headquarters were relocated to Southern Germany. Ziehl-Abegg SE is a not listed company but family-owned.

For more information about the products from Ziehl-Abegg click here.

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NEXCOM IoT Gateway Spurs A Cross-Industry Revolution with Smart Operations

NEXCOM International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) – NEXCOM IoT gateway carries remote monitoring and big data analysis into effect, bringing enterprises great value for money with reduced machine downtime, significant energy savings, and increased operational efficiency.

Powered by Intel® Atom™ processor E3826, the NISE 50 offers data acquisition, edge computing, and cloud integration with a thin client and positions at the intelligent IoT gateway for factory automation and for smart city applications.

Based on Intel® IoT Gateway Technology (PROFINET®/ PROFIBUS®/ EtherNet/IP), the CPS 100/200 features a unified user interface to streamline the configuration of various fieldbus protocols and cloud connection while shoring up security from the bottom to the top of data communication with layers of protection.

NEXCOM IoT gateway is integrated with NEXCOM IoT Studio software, which is an open source configuration tool and provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). Based on a drag-and-drop design, NEXCOM IoT Studio offers a simple way to map frontend and backend connections of IoT devices, allowing developers to focus efforts on applications without understanding the underlying programming languages.

For more information about the Solutions from NEXCOM International Co., Ltd. click here.

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Korenix Launches JetNet 6828Gf for Substation Applications

Korenix Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) - Korenix has launched its new Rackmount Managed Ethernet Switch - JetNet 6828Gf. It is a Layer 3 full Gigabit Managed Switch with 24 100/1000Base-TX ports, 8 100/1000 RJ-45/SFP combo ports, and 4 Gigabit SFP ports. Besides in compliance with IEC61850-3 and IEEE1613 approvals, it carries over 10 invention patents such as Korenix MSR and Trunking Technology. With the special design of Aluminum Fin case without cooling holes, it is considered a best fit for deployment in substations.

High Bandwidth and Performance
The JetNet 6828Gf features wire speed switching capability where the full Gigabit traffic can be transmitted without packet loss and collision. The 8 combo ports allow users to trunk up to 8G uplink bandwidth and allow up to 12 fiber capability. With full Gigabit capability, the product can perform as a core switch in the substations ensuring high bandwidth data transmission.

Layer 3 Functions for Network Routing:
The JetNet 6828Gf supports Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF). VRRP provides automatic assignment; when a master router fails to connect, the backup router automatically being switched as new master router. OSPF is often used in large network such as substations; it can calculate the shortest route for data transmission, and make the process more efficient.

Advanced Cyber Redundancy for Non-stop Transmission:
The JetNet 6828Gf supports Korenix Advanced Cyber Redundancy functions including MSR, SuperChain, ITU-T G.8032 ERPS, can assure smooth and seamless transmission in the substations. MSR features on 5ms recovery time when a link failed as well as 0ms restoration time, eliminates unstable status while maintains high stability.

Advanced Cyber Security for Data Protection:
The JetNet 6828Gf supports Korenix Advanced Cyber Security functions such as DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard, Dynamic ARP Inspection, Denial of Service (DoS) Protection, L2/L3/L4 Access Control List (ACL), can fully protect the data by avoiding unidentified IP access to the users’ devices; therefore, ensure secured data transmission in the substations.

Korenix JetNet 6828Gf Features:
  • 24 100/1000Base-TX, 8 100/1000 RJ-45/SFP combo ports, 4 Gigabit SFP ports
  • Advanced Cyber Security- DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard, Dynamic ARP Inspection, Denial of Service (DoS) protection, L2/L3/L4 Access Control List (ACL)
  • Advanced Cyber Redundancy- MSR, SuperChain, ITU-T G.8032 ERPS
  • USB Firmware upgrade and configuration backup and restore
  • IEEE 1588v2 PTP with HW time stamping
  • EEE Energy saving
  • Friendly Device and Auto Network Topology utility
  • Isolated redundant power inputs with universal 24/48VDC power or 110/220 VAC power
  • Compliance with EN50121-4, IEEE1613, and IEC61850-3
  • -40 to 85°C operating temperature, fanless
Korenix JetNet 6828Gf is now officially on sale.

For more information about the New JetNet 6828Gf from Korenix Technology click here.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Utilcell launches the New SWIFT COM

Utilcell (Spain) – UTILCELL launches the new SWIFT COM as an extension of the SWIFT Weighing Indicators and High-speed Transmitters family. Is specially designed to work in automation and centralized control applications and offers an optimized design without screen, keyboard and calibration switch making this new transmitter a very competitive solution.

For more information about the New SWIFT COM from Utilcell click here.

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IDEC Releases Version 8.2.2 of WindLDR PLC Programming Software

IDEC Corporation (Japan) - Latest version of PLC Programming Software provides IoT capability with custom web pages which can be created with no HTML programming required.

IDEC Corporation announces Version 8.2.2 of its WindLDR PLC programming software, a PC-based platform used to program IDEC’s FC6A MicroSmart PLC. The software can also be used to program IDEC’s entire line of PLCs.

IoT capability is provided by custom web pages which can be configured for remote monitoring and control. Web pages are created with the built-in Web Page Editor using simple drag and drop functionality with no HTML programming required, a major advantage over competing products.

When used with the MicroSmart FC6A PLC, these web pages are stored in the PLC, which functions as a web server when its built-in Ethernet port is connected to the Internet. These web pages can be accessed via any web browser running on any Internet-connected device such as a remote PC, a tablet or a smartphone. Connecting the MicroSmart to the Internet also provides email and text notification functionality, which can be used with third-party email servers such as Gmail and Yahoo.

WindLDR is an icon-driven programming tool combining logic and intuition with an easy-to-use interface. Programming IDEC’s controllers with WindLDR is simple and intuitive with either Ladder Logic or Script, the latter similar to the C programming language. The Script language can be used to create more complex programs, particularly those with multiple sub-programs and custom function blocks. Even without Ladder Logic prior programming experience, programmers can use the built-in editors, shortcuts and debuggers to quickly configure programs.

Once a program is created, it’s ready for transfer to a PLC, with the option to include accompanying comments. Programs can be downloaded with the comments attached to operands and rungs, with this information stored in the PLC processor. Using these comments, users can review programming code to provide clarification and streamlined maintenance.

Shutting down a PLC to make minor changes can be a major hassle, so WindLDR allows editing and downloading of programs while the PLC is still in Run mode. This function allows users to write new values to counters, timers and registers at any time without switching between editor mode (used for programming) and monitor mode.

Ladder programs can be simulated in WindLDR with the built-in Simulation mode. This function provides a means to test and verify functionality of ladder programs without having to download the program to an IDEC PLC. Software programs from IDEC FC4A and FC5A PLCs can be automatically converted by the WindLDR programming software for execution on the MicroSmart FC6A PLC.

As with all its products, IDEC offers free tech support for WindLDR programming software, with no service or support contract required. WindLDR PC-based software includes no cost updates for the life of the product, so there is no concern with recurring renewal fees.

For more information about the New Version of WindLDR PLC Programming Software from IDEC Corporation click here.

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FCX-MC05: New high-resolution Oxygen Sensor Module from Pewatron

PEWATRON AG (Switzerland) - Measurement range from low ppm to 25% with high resolution.

Pewatron has released a new oxygen sensor module that can be used in many different applications and in several configurations. The key element of the sensor module is the oxygen sensor from Fujikura; it is an amperometric solid-state sensor with a high current output, a short response time to gas concentration changes and ruggedness against pressure change, humidity and other gases. Because of the high output current of the sensor, applications ranging from low ppm concentrations and up to normal air (and above) concentrations can be covered with one sensor only.

The FCX-MC05 sensor module is a signal-conditioning unit that gives the user the option of different sensor output modes, such as analogous linearised current output (0/4-20 mA), analogous linearised voltage output (0-10V) or a digital output using the RS485 or RS232 communication protocol. As the total power consumption is low (< 3W), the FCX-MC oxygen sensor module is suitable for mobile applications.

The oxygen sensor is configured either in a flow configuration with connectors for hosing or in a diffusion configuration. In the flow configuration, the sensor encapsulation is an aluminum flow housing, enabling analysis of oxygen concentrations from small sample extracts. The sensor can be placed on the sensor module PCB board for easy integration into transmitters or connected to the sensor module PCB board via cables in either configuration. The FCX-MC05 module supports cable lengths of up to 10 metres.

For more information about the New FCX-MC05 High-Resolution Oxygen Sensor Module from PEWATRON click here.

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New PanelPC from DFI Tech Ready For Interactive Engagement

DFI Tech (USA) – DFI Tech, a provider of SWaP-optimized embedded computing solutions and board products, now offers an All-In-One PanelPC with the latest Intel processor options, integrated video camera, high-quality stereo speakers, and other features for an interactive end-user experience.

The versatile MK20 PanelPC features the Intel® 6th generation i7/i5/i3 (formerly code named “Skylake”) processor. The unit has optional dual auto-focusing 2 megapixel cameras and a 10-point projected capacitive multi-touch screen. Intel HD520 Graphics and high definition audio are included. The PanelPC also includes a smart card for biometric/fingerprint reading. The MK20 is ideal for interactive kiosk, industrial control, security, or infotainment applications.

Other features of the MK20 include up to 4 USB 3.0 ports, dual gigabit LAN, and optional 4G LTE and WiFi. The units can be stand-alone or wall mounted and come with an optional antenna. It has a completely flush bezel for enhanced aesthetics and ease of cleaning.

DFI Tech provides PanelPCs with various size, processor, memory, and I/O options. The company also offers embedded motherboards/systems, COM Express, 3.5” SBCs, and rackmount computers.

For more information about the New PanelPC from DFI Tech click here.

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SUR-457 - Simex New Universal Meter with ultra-bright or multi-colour display

SIMEX Sp. z o.o. (Poland) – We are happy to introduce our new SUR-457 universal meter built into tight, wall-mounted housing with large 57 mm LED display. The display is available with multicolour or ultra bright: red, green and blue version. The versatility of the measurement inputs and control outputs facilitates the implementation of measurement and control in most industrial applications.

Main features:
  • multicolour or ultra bright red, green and blue, 57 mm LED display
  • tight IP 67 case
  • displayed values range: -999 ÷ 9999
  • universal input: 0/4-20 mA, 0-10V, 0-150 mV, RTD or TC
  • binary outputs: REL / OC; analogue output: active or passive
  • temperature range: -20°C ÷ +50°C
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • free configuration S-Config software
  • replaces SRP-457 and SRT-457 meters

For more information about the New SUR-457 Universal Meter from SIMEX click here.

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Kontron launches COM Express® mini Computer-on-Module featuring latest generation Intel® Atom™, Pentium® and Celeron® processors

Kontron AG (Germany) – New IoT-ready Kontron COM Express® mini module family maximizes graphics and processing performance in a highly robust package.

Kontron, one of the world's leading providers of Embedded Computer Technology (ECT), has introduced a new series of credit card sized Computer-on-Modules based on the latest generation Intel® AtomTM, Pentium® and Celeron® processors. The new COMe-mAL10 performance range of COM Express mini modules is highly scalable and covers the entire range of Intel's latest IoT-ready embedded processors. This includes the Intel Atom processor E3900 series, as well as Intel Pentium processor N4200 and Intel Celeron processor N3350. The COMe-mAL10 is available in both dual-core and quad-core configurations.

The COMe-mAL10 combines state-of-the-art image processing and graphics capabilities with extensive real-time computing power in an energy-efficient and standardized Type 10 Computer-on-Module mini form factor. Users benefit from a significantly improved computing performance, an impressive performance-per-watt ratio and the long-term availability inherent in all Kontron embedded solutions.

Intel has also added improved security and reliability capabilities. The new security engine offers the enhanced ability to protect data and operations in the most challenging environments. Intel’s time coordinated computing with improved determinism and real-time support allows processors to be synchronized in an IoT network to within a millisecond. This does not only increase reliability but also enables innovative, more demanding applications.

Mobile handheld devices, control units and vehicle entertainment solutions represent typical fields of application for Kontron's newest COM Express mini modules. But also medical imaging, surveillance and security devices as well as industrial plant applications, IoT gateways and machine line control solutions benefit from the integration of the powerful, yet extremely small modules.

In addition, the industrial-grade-by-design versions – specified for industrial temperature operation from -40 to +85°C – with ECC memory support as well as long term availability of ten years, meet the special requirements of applications for the Military/Defence and Transportation market.

With the availability of the new COM Express mini COMe-mAL10, developers can make direct use of the extensive x86 ecosystem and the world’s leading COM Express form factor standard. They can even upgrade already existing designs with this new performance class COMe module without having to replace carrier boards or application software. Furthermore, customers will benefit from Kontron’s extensive software and customization services enabling their new SFF designs to be implemented faster and more efficiently.

An added advantage for developers is the integration of Kontron’s standard hardware-based embedded Security Solution Approtect. Kontron is the first embedded computing supplier to offer full security protection embedded in its COM and motherboard offerings.

The feature set in detail:
The new Kontron COMe-mAL10 COM Express mini Computer-on-Module family (55 mm x 84 mm) with Type 10 pin-out is equipped with Intel Atom processor E3900 series as industrial grade versions or Intel Pentium processor N4200 and Intel Celeron processor N3350 for even more demanding applications.

A broad range of module variants (based on five different processor types) make up the COMe-mAL10 portfolio. Versions range from a cost optimized dual-core Intel Celeron (2.3 GHz with 6W TDP) iteration optimized for energy-sensitive applications to genuine quad-core Intel Atom (4x 1.6/2.0 GHz with 13W TDP) and Intel Pentium (4x 1.1/2.5 GHz with 10W TDP) versions for high-end applications.

The new Intel Gen 9 HD low-power graphics integrated on the SoC with up to 18 Execution Units provides 4K encode/decode algorithms supporting HEVC, H.264 and VP8/VP9. The COMe-mAL10 supports two independent displays - 1x DP++ (DP/HDMI/DVI) 4096x2160@60Hz , 1x Single Channel LVDS with DPtoLVDS (eDP on request) 3840x2160@30Hz. The modules come with storage options for two SATA II 300 Mbps interfaces or alternatively with additional eMMC memory (up to 128 GB). In addition to having two serial ports, they include super fast USB 3.0 interfaces, up to eight USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, as well as four PCI-Express Gen2 lanes for customer specific expansions. The COMe-mAL10 comes with support for, Windows 10, Windows 10 IoT, Linux and VxWorks 7.0.

For more information about the New COM Express® Mini Computer-on-Module from Kontron AG click here.

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New Inline ECO terminals from Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) - The Inline ECO terminals are the new addition to the Inline I/O system range from Phoenix Contact.

All 15 items from this portfolio expansion are particularly easy to handle. Each terminal has only one functionality, which does away with the need for configuration during commissioning. This reduces the costs of commissioning.

With the new ECO Safe terminal in this product range, aligned digital output terminals with approval for the safety segment circuit can be safely switched off. To implement this safe solution, neither a safe controller nor special software is required. Up to two dual-channel sensor circuits can be connected to one safety terminal. All status and error messages are forwarded to the standard controller.

Inline ECO terminals can be combined with all Inline bus couplers and standard terminals.

For more information about the New Inline ECO terminals from Phoenix Contact click here.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Pewatron and Gas Sensing Solutions sign a European distribution agreement

PEWATRON AG (Switzerland) - A partnership has been formed between two important exponents in the field of sensor technology: Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd and Pewatron AG. The highly reliable, cutting-edge gas sensors manufactured by Gas Sensing Solutions in Scotland are now available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria through Pewatron. Customers profit from experience in application, expert advice and quick delivery times.

"We are delighted to form this partnership with Pewatron which provides us with the platform to expand our business into Europe" says Alan Henderson, founder of Gas Sensing Solutions. "Our range of products is tailored to meet the requirements of industrial safety, building control, horticultural, food processing, medical and many other market sectors." The Gas Sensing Solutions sensors are installed into a number of industrial and safety applications utilising the unique low power, rugged, long life, solid state technology. GSS also develops and manufactures Mid IR LEDs which they incorporate into their Carbon Dioxide sensors providing unique low power, high speed and fast response.

Safety combined with experience and expertise in application and consultation: The Gas Sensing Solutions team has extensive practical experience that directly benefits products and their users. PEWATRON itself has more than twenty years' experience in the field of gas sensors and is continuously developing its business operations in key areas. The sales team is effective and efficient in assisting customers with the development of products based on gas sensors. With its outstanding customer service, high product quality and fantastic reliability Pewatron has established a strong reputation throughout Europe.

New perspectives for customers: "By forging a partnership with Gas Sensing Solutions in Germany and Switzerland, we are providing our customers with new opportunities," says Thomas Röttinger, CEO of PEWATRON. He's referring to the extensive range of sensor technology products which is set to grow even more and highlights another point: "The cooperation with Gas Sensing Solutions is another corner stone in offering our customers a full range of innovate and competitive gas sensors for all gas measurement applications our customers are engaged with."

For more information about the Products from PEWATRON click here.

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New Small Collabrative Robots from Fanuc

Fanuc Corporation (Japan) - FANUC starts to sell three types of small collaborative robot: CR-4iA, CR-7iA and CR-7iA/L as a new variation of “Green robot” CR series, following the 35kg high payload CR-35iA, which allows for a collaborative operation with human operators without safety fences.

CR-4iA is a small collaborative robot with 4 kg payload and CR-7iA, CR-7iA/L are with 7kg payload. It allows for a collaborative operation with human operators due to no need of safety fences, and enables to locate the robots close together in the manufacturing processes where operators also work, with using the compact size. It supports ceiling and wall mount type, so that it allows to operate in a wider motion range without disturbing operators’ work space. It is easy to relocate the robot by a cart with casters due to its light weight, and it realizes a flexible layout using with iRVision (integrated vision). The small collaborative robot applies various manufacturing processes such as small electrical parts transfer and assembly.

It immediately and safely stops when it comes in contact with a human operator by FANUC’s original safety function as same as CR-35iA. It is certified to meet the requirements of international standard ISO 10218-1 by the third party of safety certification provider. The green color, which is the feature of collaborative robot, makes difference from FANUC’s yellow robot and enables to recognize it as a safety robot at a glance. The inside robot is as same as the yellow robot so that it can keep the high reliability and make the latest intelligent functions, such as iRVision and force sensor, available.

The expansion of “Green robot” lineup, which enables to work with operators collaboratively, is sure to contribute to new automatization of manufacturing industries.

For more information about the New Collaborative Robot from FANUC Corporation click here.

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