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ACURO® AX73 completes Hengstler’s range of ATEX-rated Absolute Rotary Encoders

Hengstler GmbH (Germany) - The new Hengstler ACURO® AX73 is a class-leading optical encoder offering attributes such as ease of installation, high precision and compact dimensions. In addition, the introduction of the AX73 completes the company’s comprehensive family of ATEX-rated absolute rotary encoders, both optical and magnetic. Equipment designers now have an unprecedented choice for a host of hazardous environment components.

In the development of equipment for use in hazardous environments, selecting the right encoder is vital. Here, explosion protection is the first consideration, which is why the Hengstler ACURO-AX73 carries ATEX and IECEx certification for gas and dust explosion proof requirements. However, this advanced optical encoder offers many more features of specific benefit in applications such as winches, cranes, drills and other oil and gas industry equipment, as well as at paint plants, petrochemical facilities, bottling plants and grain mills, for example.

Among the principal advantages is the connection concept of the AX73, which allows the routing of cabling and the final encoder installation to be done in separate steps. This provides significant cost and time savings during installation, as cabling can be done in advance. Emergency servicing can also be completed more quickly, resulting from the ability to simply unplug the cable and connect it to the replacement encoder. Since many oil and gas platforms use heavy and cumbersome cables measuring 40m in length or more, the design of the AX73 represents an attractive proposition for customers looking to lower their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Another ease-of-maintenance innovation is the use of just two screws for the connection hood. Many comparable encoders use six or even eight screws, while insufficient corrosion protection makes such units very difficult to uninstall. Instead, special patented screws are deployed on the AX73 to protect against dust, water and corrosion.

Inherent precision is a further beneficial characteristic of the ACURO® AX73. The optical scanning system provides a highly accurate, 22-bit resolution sensor signal for wherever precision or smooth speed regulation is necessary. However, despite its accuracy, the encoder is of robust design, with impressive resistance to shock, vibration and external magnetic fields. In addition, the unit provides users with IP67 protection class rating for the stainless steel housing, and offers an Ex-related ambient temperature range of -40 to +70°C.

Although the AX73 is seen as the ‘big brother’ of the AX65 introduced by Hengstler last year, with a housing diameter of 76 mm it is still smaller than comparable competitor products. This will prove extremely valuable to system designers seeking space-saving solutions. Available immediately, the AX73 can be ordered with SSI, BiSS-B, BiSS-C and Profibus interfaces.

The introduction of the AX73 now completes Hengstler’s ACURO®-Xproof absolute shaft encoder line. The new AX73 and AX65 offer the special mounting system, while also available are the AX70 and AX71 absolute encoders, as well as the RX70 and RX71incremental variants, with integrated cable.

The introduction of the AX73 completes the family of ATEX-rated absolute rotary encoders from Hengstler.

For more information about the New ACURO® AX73 ATEX-rated Absolute Rotary Encoders from Hengstler GmbH click here.

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Invertek's Optidrive Elevator provides comfortable ride for Turkish residents

Invertek Drives Ltd. (Turkey) - When the prestigious Umut residences were built in Ankara, Turkey, by major Turkish developer ICK YAPI, the aim of the development was to ensure all residents enjoyed a comfortable life.

This aim was, however, being upset by the fact the development’s two elevators were often providing jerky rides for residents in the 15 apartments and this is where Invertek’s Optidrive Elevator was able to help.

As the lift was controlled by a gearless (PM motor) any adjustments needing to be made for encoder angle, load and balance had to be done sensitively and this was leading to difficulties in being able to adjust the cabin, counterweight and door installation.

The fact that these adjustments were not proving easy to make was leading to uncomfortable rides for elevator passengers. Time was also being wasted in trying to make the adjustments together with the labour costs involved as well.

IDT Automation, Invertek’s sales partner in Turkey, was approached to see if any of Invertek’s variable frequency drives could help make the lift run more smoothly and the Optidrive Elevator was recommended and then installed.

Cagri Taskin from IDT Automation, said: “The Optidrive Elevator has made a huge difference in providing a smoother ride for passengers in the Umut residences, the builders of which put the comfort of residents as their main priority.

“Combining the PM motor with the drive from Invertek gives excellent results and in this case has ensured perfect, non-stop working elevators.

“Installing the Optidrive Elevator has also resulted in high energy efficiency lifts with very low energy consumption, and again this is important for ICK YAPI who, as a premier developer in Turkey, want their residences to be as environmentally friendly as possible,” he added.

Rhydian Welson, Invertek’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “The Optidrive Elevator is the second generation variable frequency drive designed to provide smooth, reliable carriage control in all elevator applications and has a range of features including Rescue Mode.

“Its compact external dimensions simplify installation while optional incremental/EnDat encoder feedback interfaces allow compatibility with a wide range of motors.

“Optidrive Elevator also has five independent S-ramps and dedicated motor holding brake control algorithm which allows fine tuning of the system,” he added.

For more information about the Optidrive Elevator from Invertek Drives Ltd. click here.

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ASCO Numatics 651 Series FRLs Feature Industry's Highest Flow Rate for their size

ASCO Numatics (UK) - Emerson has introduced the ASCO Numatics 651 Series filter, regulator, and lubricator (FRL) line of air preparation products. This new FRL line broadens the company's high flow-rate 650 Series family to include products with G1/8 and G1/4 port sizes.

"The 651 Series FRLs require less space and are designed to fit in compact applications and in machines that require a high volume of air," said Enrique Pelayo, ASCO European Product Marketing Manager. "With the highest flow rates for their size, these highly versatile air preparation products are ideal for packaging and other applications that require space-saving designs."

The 651 Series extended high and low temperature capabilities (-40° C to 80° C) enable them to be used in applications across a broad range of industries, including those in harsh environments. The modular FRL products are of a robust construction and are easy to assemble, mount, and position. The new manifold endplate flanges allows the maintenance engineer to remove the manifold assembly out of service without disconnecting from the piping. Front-facing, low-profile gauges are easy to read and are unique in products of this type.

For more information about the New 651 Series filter, regulator, and lubricator (FRL) from ASCO Numatics click here.

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Electronic brake control – silent and safe

Ziehl-Abegg SE (Germany) – by Ralf Heusser, Ziehl-Abegg Product Manager and senior electronics engineer.

Contactor-less frequency inverters are now state-of-the-art technology in the elevator industry. The silent operation of the elevator machine is valued by owners and operators of elevator systems. But what about the operation of the motor brake?

Modern frequency inverters are fitted with the Safe Torque Off (STO) function, dispensing with the need for motor contactors. This allows the operation of the elevator machine quietly without contactors, enabling the frequency inverter to be installed in the elevator shaft, except in extremely dusty environments such as in power plants or the cement industry.

However, eliminating the motor contactors puts the focus on a different noise: the noise of the switching action of brake contactors is becoming an ever-increasing nuisance. People in neighbouring rooms as well as the elevator passengers themselves are increasingly complaining about this annoying level of noise.

Certified solution:
Ziehl-Abegg has taken this problem on board and developed the ZAsbc4C electronic brake control.

The ZAsbc4C replaces the contactors, which are a compulsory requirement for the traditional brake control on the elevator drive, with an electrical safety device (safety circuit) containing electronic components in accordance with EN 81-20.

All the negative features of the conventional brake control are therefore now a thing of the past:
  • annoying switching noises produced by the contactors
  • EMC malfunctions caused by the switching action of the contactors
  • Faults in the elevator unit caused by malfunctioning contactors
The TÜV Rheinland conducted a type examination test of the ZAsbc4C on the basis of the Lift Directive 2014/33/EU.

Which brakes – which functions?
The ZAsbc4C is used for brakes with and without over-excitation, whether on a synchronous or asynchronous machines. An additional safety brake can also be used on elevator machines with gearbox.

The ZAsbc4C can be set to the existing brake type on the construction site. This prevents the problem of a mismatch between electronic control and brake type (over-excited or not), avoiding the need for costly replacements and delays on the construction site.

The brake control has separate inputs for the tests which have to be conducted on the brakes, due to this both outputs for the brake circuits can be activated separately from each other. If the elevator system has an uninterruptible power supply to cope with a power failure outage, the brakes can be released via the ZAsbc4C for an emergency rescue.

The inputs on the electronic brake control enable these functions to be activated via external switches or push -buttons e.g. in the elevator control panel. This is a great advantage particularly if the location of the ZAsbc4C and frequency inverter in the elevator shaft is difficult to access.

Drive control and frequency inverter – the perfect combination:
The ZAsbc4C not only contains the electronic brake control. There are integrated relays available for activating the Safe Torque Off (STO) safety function on the frequency inverter. If the end of the safety chain is connected on the ZAsbc4C, the safe stop of the frequency inverter is carried out by these relays. In case of an interruption of the safety chain the STO safety function will be activated and the power to the elevator machine will be disconnected.

The ZAsbc4C is pre-assembled in the factory with connecting cables to provide this perfect synchronisation with the ZAdyn4C frequency inverter from Ziehl-Abegg. The ZAsbc4C is mounted to the ZAdyn4C with a bracket and the control cables are simply connected. This means simple and fast installation on site – with retrofitting option at any time. This decentralisation of the brake control means the size of the switch cabinet can be reduced further.

Quiet and standard-compliant:
The electronic brake control ZAsbc4C and ZAdyn4C contactor-less frequency inverter is the perfect package for fast installation combined with quiet and low-maintenance operation of the elevator machine, including the brakes. Both components meet the requirements of EN 81-20.

About Ziehl-Abegg:
Ziehl-Abegg (Kuenzelsau, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany) is one of the leading global companies in the ventilation and drive technology sector with matching control technology. Examples of application areas for the products include heating and refrigeration plant, clean rooms and agricultural systems. Back in the Fifties’ Ziehl-Abegg established the basis for modern fan drives: external rotor motors which remain, even today, state-of-the-art worldwide. Another area of business is electric motors which provide the power e.g. for elevators, medical applications (computer tomography equipment) or deep-sea underwater vehicles. The theme of electro-mobility/clean power for motor vehicles was established as part of the Ziehl-Abegg Automotive Team in 2012 that incorporates the sales and further development of a wheel hub drive for urban buses already in use in several countries

The high-tech company has an impressive innovation power. Ziehl-Abegg employs 1,950 personnel in its production plants in Southern Germany. The company has a global workforce of 3,450, spread between 16 production plants, 27 companies and 97 sales locations. The products, approx. 30,000 in all, are sold in more than 100 countries. Sales revenues in 2015 totalled 448 million euro. Exports account for two thirds of sales.

Emil Ziehl founded the company in Berlin in 1910, manufacturing electric motors. After the Second World War the company’s headquarters were relocated to Southern Germany. Ziehl-Abegg SE is not a listed company but family-owned.

For more information about the Electronic Brake Solutions from Ziehl-Abegg click here.

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New handheld HMI GP4000H Series from Pro-Face

Pro-Face (Japan) - Solving the problems of safety measures at factories. Release of handheld HMI, GP4000H Series, weighing 1,000g or less.

Pro-face, the global leader of Human Machine Interface (HMI) and factory data communication solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the GP4000H Series, a handheld, programmable HMI device that provides safety and operability.

On manufacturing industry worksites where automation is progressing, various mechanical equipment has been introduced and ensuring safety management is the most important concern. Even as the introduction of machines that play roles previously filled by people accelerates, the machines must be adjusted by people. Mobility-aware safety measures are attracting attention so that people can manage mechanical equipment safely on worksites where automation is progressing.

The GP4000H Series, which is light and freely portable, allows people to get close to locations where they can check the operation and operate the HMI, not at the fixed location where the HMI is installed, and to give precise instructions with more exact timing. Also, the HMI is designed with a focus on safety even during operation with one hand, by equipping it with a three-position enable switch as well as an emergency stop switch, so it responds only when pushed down lightly, not when the hand comes off unexpectedly or gripped accidentally. In addition, the handy type can also be networked via Ethernet, making it possible to share production data from the worksite and managers’ computers, and exchange data in real time.

The GP4000H Series contributes to safety management on production sites that have human intermediation.

Product Features:
  • Design with a focus on safety
    • Emergency stop switch: Stops the machine without fail in emergencies
    • Three-position enable switch: Stops operation instantly, even when the switch is gripped, when problems such as short circuits occur.
    • Key switch: Allows movement of the main body without emergency stop
  • High interchangeability with the conventional model (GP3000H Series) makes it possible to upgrade with the same structure by replacing the main body with GP4000H Series.
  • Reducing the weight by 10% versus the conventional model means you can operate it smoothly with just one hand.

For more information about the New Handheld HMI GP4000H Series from Pro-Face click here.

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IDEC introduces the New LH series of LED Spider Lights

IDEC Corporation (USA) - These slim and stylish LEDs are best for mounting on the surface of equipment or panels, maintaining excellent visibility from the front and the side.

LH1D spider lights can be used in various applications that do not have space behind the panel. These include robotic arms, product picking, door monitoring and other applications where customers can use dual-color pre-wired LED spider lights rather than drilling two 22mm holes to mount two pilot lights.

Offered in seven bright colors, these 24V AC/DC Spider Lights maintain an impressive 50,000 hour lifespan while consuming low levels of energy. A red/green two-color alternate illumination is also available giving customers a 2-for-1 option.

Not only that, but these lights can easily be customized. Legends, symbols or even company names can be printed on marking film for the flat type to personalize lights.

LH Series of lights are UL listed, CE marked and TUV rated. All Spider Light are also IP67 rated for protection against exposure to water or oils. LH1D Spider Lights are available with 1m, 3m and 5m cables.

Key Features:
  • LED Surface Mount Indicators in seven colors
  • Flat or dome
  • NEMA Type 4X and IP67 Degree of Protection
  • 1m wiring cable standard. 3m and 5m optional
  • Marking film can be inserted into Flat Spider Lights
  • Dual-color LEDs available
  • UL Listed, CE marked and TUV rated

For more information about the New LH series of LED Spider Lights from IDEC Corporation click here.

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Curtiss-Wright Sensors & Controls Launches Next-Generation Electric Actuator

Curtiss-Wright - Exlar Actuation Solutions (USA) - Curtiss-Wright Sensors & Controls Division announced the release of its next-generation Exlar® brand FTX Series actuators. These high-force electric rod style actuators now offer higher performance and ease of maintenance than previously available.

The FTX Series actuators leverage more than a decade of experience successfully replacing hydraulics in high-force, high-duty cycle applications in harsh environments. Based on planetary roller screw technology, the FTX Series offers high robustness in a compact form factor, making them an ideal alternative to hydraulic cylinders. With continuous force rating to 178 kN (40,000 lbf), speed to 875 mm/sec (34 in/sec) and stroke lengths from 150 mm (6 inches) to 900 mm (3 feet), the FTX Series can be applied across a wide range of linear motion applications.

The FTX215, a next-generation version of the current FT80 model, features the following key enhancements over the existing FT Series designs:
  • High capacity planetary roller screw offers up to 15X the life and significantly higher shock load resistance than a comparably sized ball screw
  • IP65 (min.) environmental protection
  • Idler pulley design greatly simplifies motor installation and belt tensioning / maintenance
  • Grease zerk fitting and removable front seal bushing greatly simplify maintenance and re-greasing of nut assembly to maximize actuator life
  • Modular design with bolt-on mounting hardware allows mounting style reconfiguration in the field using commonly available tools
About Curtiss-Wright Corporation:
Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE:CW) is a global innovative company that delivers highly engineered, critical function products and services to the commercial, industrial, defense and energy markets. Building on the heritage of Glenn Curtiss and the Wright brothers, Curtiss-Wright has a long tradition of providing reliable solutions through trusted customer relationships. The company employs approximately 8,400 people worldwide.

For more information about the New Exlar® FTX Electric Actuators from Curtiss-Wright - Exlar Actuation Solutions click here.

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Available now: Eplan Smart Wiring “That’s certainly easy”

EPLAN Software & Services LLC (USA) – Eplan Smart Wiring software opens up new potential for wiring switchgear systems. This system is easy to use since the technical switchgear knowledge is anchored within the system. It also enables better weathering of personnel shortages. Solutions provider Eplan is forging new technical pathways with this software, which can also be used on mobile devices: the system is being made available free of charge for up to four months.

Eplan Smart Wiring software has been available for customers since early September, opening up completely new perspectives for wiring switchgear systems. The most important highlight is the system’s simplicity: the clearly arranged, touch-optimised user interface is suitable for mobile devices and is therefore always ready for use directly at the control cabinet. Furthermore, the specific expertise is just as important, but now instead of being stored in people’s minds it is instead anchored within the system. Step-by-step directions for the wirer make the process practically foolproof. Significantly, no schematic is necessary for wiring – thus making superfluous any interpretation of this often complex documentation. Eplan Smart Wiring visualises the mounting layout, devices, connections and routing tracks, based for instance on data from Eplan Pro Panel. But even without a 3D layout from Eplan Pro Panel, Eplan Smart Wiring can be used to increase productivity. Connection lists and wiring list can for instance be prepared in other ECAD systems, read into an MS-Excel format and then processed in Eplan Smart Wiring. The automatic project comparison for last-minute changes ensures that all changes find their way into production and are taken into consideration in a timely manner. Problem and error reporting, status reports and manufacturing reports can be prepared at the push of a button and can then be e-mailed to engineering or those responsible in production planning.

The system’s simplicity further means that even less-qualified personnel can take over the wiring process. This offers companies optimal scalability of their resources while simultaneously increasing efficiency along the entire workflow.

Free Introduction – For a Limited Time:
Solutions provider Eplan has released Smart Wiring in German and English, and it will be available in sixteen additional languages starting in November. Aside from forging new technical pathways, Eplan is further offering use of the software free of charge from 1 September 2016 to 31 January 2017 with a user’s licence restricted to four months. Interested parties can therefore take the system for a test drive, put it through its paces and, after the restricted licence expires, can then decide whether they wish to purchase the system.

Eplan Smart Wiring is the next logical step for integrated engineering through to manufacturing. Data relevant to manufacturing can be standardised with Eplan Pro Panel, thereby be quickly prepared and made available for manufacturing with Eplan Smart Wiring. This provides greater flexibility in the wiring process and high-quality results.

For more information about the New Eplan Smart Wiring from EPLAN Software & Services click here.

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VIA ARTiGO A830 Powers Streetwise IoT Innovation

VIA Technologies, Inc. (Taiwan) - Customizable Android system accelerates development of smart O2O (online-to-offline) applications and services in urban environments.

VIA Technologies, Inc. unveiled its new VIA ARTiGO A830 system for streetwise IoT deployments, including smart lockers, smart vending machines, and smart information kiosks and signage.

With its ruggedized enclosure, wide operating temperature range of -20°C ~ 60°C, and surge and lightning protection, the system has been designed to deliver 24/7 reliability in even the most demanding outdoor environments. High-performance compute, graphics and video features guarantee optimum performance for intensive multimedia shopping, entertainment, and navigation applications, while the integrated 5W audio amplifier ensures optimum audio quality.

“The VIA ARTiGO A830 provides a scalable interactive hub for businesses and government departments to deliver a host of innovative logistics, retail, and smart city services direct from the streetside,” commented Richard Brown, VP of International Marketing for VIA Technologies, Inc. “With its highly-flexible design, the system can be customized for multiple applications and business models – whether it’s a smart vending machine for hot or cold meals or a smart locker for package pickup and deliveries.”

The VIA ARTiGO A830 combines an ultra-reliable, high-performance system hardware platform with a stable Android 4.4.2 software framework that enables the rapid development of multimedia-rich applications and services using touch, voice, and wireless interfaces. It is already being deployed in cities throughout China, where high smart phone usage rates and the proliferation of mobile payment systems are driving the development of O2O (online-to-offline) applications and services among dense urban populations.

Key features include:
  • Rich I/O: including six USB 2.0 ports, five RS-232 COM ports, one 3-pole Phoenix RS-485 COM port, one Gigabit Ethernet port, and one SIM card slot that support a wide variety of peripherals such as touch screens, barcode scanners and readers, and security cameras.
  • Advanced video and audio performance: including HDMI and LVDS support for high-definition video and an integrated 5W audio amplifier for high-quality audio output.
  • -20 ~ 60℃ wide operating temperature: ensures stable operation in harsh climate conditions.
  • Anti-static and lightning: provides resistance to various external shocks for uninterrupted 24/7 operation.
  • Android BSP Development Kit: enables full support for customers-specific requirements from application design and software development to remote monitoring & maintenance – greatly speeding up the development process and time to market.

For more information about the New ARTiGO A830 Embedded System from VIA Technologies click here.

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New Electronic Position Indicator AP05 With bus interface from SIKO

SIKO GmbH (Germany) - Bus-compatible position indicators AP05 - make product changes intuitively and process-reliable.

Process-reliable product change:
Siko’s bus-compatible position indicators are globally indispensable for flexible production machines. Monitoring of the adjustable positions ensures 100% process-reliability and a shorter set-up time for each and every product change. The possibility of displaying the target and actual position directly on the adjusting spindle makes it much more convenient for the machine operator. It’s a cinch to convert a production machine to a new product. At the same time, the feedback of the positioning status to the machine controller leads to an increase in process-reliability for format changes and to optimized set-up times. Incorrect settings are prevented; therefore, rejects and damage to tools are a thing of the past. In a nutshell, set-up times are reduced and process reliability is increased.

Ergonomics that make sense:
The new AP05 is the most compact of all bus-compatible position indicators from SIKO. As the successor to the AP04 (the best-selling bus-compatible position indicator worldwide), the AP05 offers the same space-saving attachment dimensions, as well as being attachment-compatible. The user now experiences maximal ergonomics in order to quickly and intuitively reach the target position. A significant new element of the AP05 - an inverted, backlit LCD display - has been integrated for this reason. The lighting ensures that the values for the target and actual position are ideally legible, even in low light conditions.

Intuitive operation:
Along with the LCD directional arrow, the AP05 position indicator also offers intuitive user guidance via the right and left status LEDs, both integrated into the case and in two colors. These not only signal positional status (InPos or OutPos) but also simultaneously indicate the required rotational direction. Operation is thus a cinch!

Increased robustness in comparison with the predecessor:
The AP05’s mechanical robustness has also been significantly improved with the help of a carbon-fiber-reinforced case and protective cover for the display. Thus the indicator is also usable in areas where mechanical strain on the connector plug and case or impacts to the display can’t be ruled out. Because the connector plug is also available with an optional cable outlet, the position indicator can be flexibly deployed in very constrained spaces.

Flexible network integration:
The bus-compatible AP05 position indicator can be equipped with either an RS485 or a CAN interface. The network integration is also fully compatible with the AP04 predecessor, as well as with further bus-compatible SIKO position indicators in the current generation – AP10, AP10S, and AP10T. With the use of additional interface converters, the AP05 can be integrated into a wide range of fieldbus and Ethernet networks. A few of these that are particularly worth mentioning are Profibus-DP, Profinet IO, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, and Powerlink.

As with all SIKO position indicators, the AP05 also features a hollow shaft, guaranteeing the easiest assembly possible for standard adjustable axles. Despite its ultra-compact design, it can accommodate spindle shafts of up to 20mm in diameter. With regard to the size and clearance of the torque reaction support, it also features attachment compatibility not only with the AP04 but also with the DA04 mechanical position indicator. Thus the machine’s frame can be switched from manual adjustment with a mechanical position indicator to monitored format adjustment with the AP05 - no changes are necessary. Due to the high degree of protection afforded by IP65 and the use of stainless steel, the AP05 is also suited to applications in the fields of food and beverage production or pharmaceuticals.

The AP05 position indicator guides the user intuitively to the correct machine setting in the case of product or format change. The optimized backlit display indicates target values and actual values straight to the point. Two LEDs show the machine operator precisely the direction whereto the adjustment is to be performed.The AP05 helps avoid wrong machine settings and enhances process safety of flexible production machines.

  • Electronic position indicator with bus interface
  • Backlit two-row LCD
  • Display of target and actual value displays with integrated alignment
  • User guidance through status LEDs
  • Hollow shaft with Ø 20 mm and clamping ring made of stainless steel
  • Enhanced shock resistance owing to protective display glass
  • Integrated RS485 interface, CAN bus as an option
  • Robust sensor technology unit thanks to magnetic scanning
  • Mechanically compatible with the AP04 and DA04 position indicators
  • IP53 type of protection, IP65 as an option

For more information about the New AP05 Position Indicators from SIKO GmbH click here.

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One supply connection for robots - Exchangeable unit supplies robots with pneumatics, fluids and electronics

Eisele Pneumatics GmbH + Co. KG (Germany) - MULTILINE E and the exchangeable unit for supplying robots with power and media: The MULTILINE E is a unique modular system for individually configurable and robust multiple couplings and multiple media connections.

The MULTILINE E sets new standards for convenience in switch cabinets, tools, machine elements and robots. The perfectly compatible modular design also allows flexible integration of different diameters, connection types and media in the connector. The advantage of the MULTILINE E is the simultaneous coupling of electrical signals and operating media under pressure, in a drip-free connection. The perfectly compatible modular design also allows flexible integration of different diameters, connection types and media in the connector.

Modular design for easy repair:
The MULTILINE E exchangeable unit for robots consists of two multiple media connectors, two angle brackets for mounting the unit on the system, two tube bundles for mounting the protective tube and the protective tube itself. Depending on the individual configuration of the multiple media couplings, other components include pre-assembled electrical cables and tubes, in addition to the corresponding inserts. For simple applications Eisele also configures exchangeable units for supplying robots on the basis of the MULTILINE 1800 and MULTILINE 1811 series.

The exchangeable unit is delivered as a complete assembly, resulting in clear advantages for the user: simplified warehousing due to the modular design and simplified ordering, since the entire application is provided by a single supplier. Individually configured modules ensure fast and easy installation and defective connections can be replaced by exchanging the entire unit during non-productive time. An exchangeable unit that has been replaced can then be repaired separately to minimise downtimes.

The optimal industrial connector:
The MULTILINE INDUSTRIAL CONNECTOR from Eisele is also based on the concept of the MULTILINE E. It makes the diverse capabilities of the Eisele MULTILINE E and the Eisele MULTILINE ADAPTIVE available for connections in the widespread industrial connector format. MULTILINE adaptive inserts allow combination of exactly the connections required for a particular application. The MULTILINE industrial connector is designed for mounting completely without tools and for fast and easy adaptation to new operating conditions in case of modifications to the existing system.

For more information about the MULTILINE E solution from Eisele Pneumatics GmbH + Co. KG click here.

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Altair signs IPM Solutions Ltd. as new HyperWorks Reseller in Slovakia

Altair Engineering, Inc. (Slovakia) – Slovakian IT & service provider will market to and support Slovakian market with HyperWorks® solutions and services

Altair has signed a new reseller agreement with IPM Solutions Ltd., which will provide Slovakian customers with local HyperWorks sales and consulting. IPM Solutions covers the customers’ needs within the entire territory of Slovakia. The company has 3 offices, in Presov, Zilina, and Bratislava, which enables them to react quickly to its customers’ needs and requirements. With 18 highly professional employees the company focuses on providing its customers with a broad range of solutions, now including the HyperWorks suite, as well as business and technical support.

HyperWorks includes best-in-class modelling, linear and nonlinear analyses, structural and system-level optimization, fluid and multi-body dynamics simulation, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), multiphysics analysis, model-based development, and data management solutions. Altair supports its customers throughout the world to include Simulation-driven InnovationTM in their product development processes to generate innovative design solutions faster. Coming with a profound background in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), IPM Solutions will be able to serve all needs current and future HyperWorks users in Slovakia might have.

“With this partnership we will further increase our presence in Eastern Europe,” said Dr. Pietro Cervellera, Managing Director, Altair Engineering GmbH. "I'm happy about this partnership, because I know we can rely on IPM Solutions' highly qualified team to grow Altair's market share in Slovakia, as well as to offer first class local product support and consulting services to regional customers."

“We are very pleased with this new partnership with Altair Engineering," said Peter Šoltés, CEO at IPM Solutions Ltd. "Our team strongly believes that the new partnership with Altair will help us to provide an even better support as well as best – in – class solutions and technologies to our customers. With this partnership, we will be able to offer them the technology and solutions, that they need to increase their competitiveness and productivity, plus it will help them to shorten time to market.”

About Altair:
Founded in 1985, Altair is focused on the development and application of simulation technology to synthesize and optimize designs, processes and decisions for improved business performance. Privately held with more than 2,600 employees, Altair is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA with more than 45 offices throughout 20 countries, and serves more than 5,000 corporate clients across broad industry segments. To learn more, please visit

About IPM Solutions Ltd.:
IPM Solutions Ltd. was established in 2003 as a follower in sales and support for PTC products in Slovakia. IPM's engineers have more than 20-year experience and their goal is to ensure a continuity in support of solutions for more than 400 customers in Slovakia. The company has offices in Presov, Zilina, and Bratislava, enabling IPM to react quickly to customer needs and requirements. It actively supports the education of students at high and vocational schools and technical universities. IPM also has an ongoing successful cooperation with Ministry of Education.

Picture: From left to right: Martin Pollak (IPM Solutions), Dr. Pietro Cervellera (Altair), Peter Soltes, Ivan Sihelsky (both IPM Solutions)

For more information about HyperWorks® from Altair click here.

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New HMI SCADA Software from Pro-Face

Pro-Face (USA) - Pro-face America announces a new addition to our HMI development software family that expands capabilities of the PS5000 industrial pc series - Pro-face BLUE Open Studio. Pro-face BLUE Open Studio is a development and runtime software that incorporates all of the tools users need to create SCADA HMI applications, dashboards and OEE interfaces.

Users can:
  • Access graphical interfaces from any device, with groups of screens, popups, and dialogs through Support for Multiple Document Interface on Studio Mobile Access
  • Protect data through OPC Redundancy Native redundancy for OPC UA and OPC XML/DA interfaces
  • Connect through comprehensive tag integration with a wide range of PLCs
  • Collaborate through revision control and application lifecycle management that is fully integrated with Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  • Build using an expanded library and improved set of symbols for HMI/SCADA applications
This collection of automation tools provides building blocks to develop HMIs, SCADA systems and embedded instrumentation solutions. Customers can utilize BLUE Open Studio integrated web technologies to take advantage of internet / intranet connectivity.


About Pro-face:
Pro-face is a world leader in HMI solutions and industrial computer products. Pro-face continues to set the global standards for HMI solutions by offering the industry’s most extensive product offerings with the highest levels of connectivity. Principal Pro-face products include HMI touch screens, operator interfaces, and industrial PCs.

Pro-face hardware and software is installed in more than 300,000 factory-floor systems worldwide. Pro-face America is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan and has employees, sales, and support representatives located worldwide.

For more information about the New HMI SCADA Software from Pro-Face click here.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Welcome to the Automation Inside Awards 2016

The Automation Inside Portal is proud to present the third annual edition of the Automation Inside Readers’ Choice Awards, a global voting competition that covers the major innovations and best products in automation technology. Through an online nomination and voting process, the Automation Inside Awards recognizes and honors the best products, solutions and companies in 16 categories.

The nominations are now OPEN. Click here to nominate your Automation Products and Solutions.

The dates for the contest are:
  • Nominations – From October 2nd, 2016 to October 28th, 2016. The nominations will close at 23:59:59 Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+00:00).
  • Online Voting – From October 31st, 2016 to December 2nd, 2016. The online voting process will close at 23:59:59 Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+00:00).
  • Winners Announcement – December 5th, 2016.
To participate or to read more about the Automation Inside Readers’ Choice Awards 2016 click here.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

HMS and Netbiter become “ThingWorx Ready”

HMS Industrial Networks (Sweden) - HMS Industrial Networks has joined the Thingworx Ready partner program and now releases an extension to the Netbiter Remote Management solution that connects to the Thingworx IoT platform.

Through the new extension, data from Netbiter gateways can be presented directly to the ThingWorx IoT platform.

Available at the ThingWorx marketplace, the extension enables users to access data which is either stored in the Netbiter Argos cloud, or alternatively comes directly from field applications. In both cases, the data is forwarded from the field by industrial Netbiter gateways.

“Thanks to the new ThingWorx extension for Netbiter, users will get the best of both worlds, since the solution combines HMS’ experience in industrial communication and remote management with the leading ThingWorx IoT software platform. The solution ensures continuous and secure access to field data from the ThingWorx platform”, says Henrik Arleving, Product Line Manager at HMS.

While the solution supports integration of existing Netbiter applications into the ThingWorx platform, it is primarily targeting device and machine OEMs looking for a way to get data from the field to perform analytics for purposes such as predictive maintenance. For these ThingWorx users, the Netbiter gateways will act as edge gateways for connectivity with their applications in the field.

How it works:
When downloaded from the ThingWorx marketplace, users can open up the extension within ThingWorx to set up the data connection to Netbiter Argos. The extension interfaces to all available services in the Netbiter Argos REST API. Netbiter gateways ensure data availability from any type of field equipment, such as power generators or pump systems, after a straightforward data mapping procedure in Netbiter Argos using standardized templates.

As a result, users will benefit from all the advanced features in ThingWorx, such as machine learning algorithms and augmented reality which open up new, alternative ways of working, earning and saving money for OEMs, service staff as well as end users.

The ThingWorx extension for Netbiter Argos is the first solution to be released by HMS Industrial Networks under the ThingWorx Ready partner program.

For more information about the Netbiter solution from HMS Industrial Networks click here.

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