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Spacial.conf software from Schneider Electric puts convenience into the configuration and quotation of enclosures

Schneider Electric (France) - Spacial.conf, the new software created by Schneider Electric, frees customers from depending on the availability of sales representatives when managing enclosure procurement. At any time and from anywhere, users can quickly configure enclosures according requirements.


Spacial.conf software improves procurement efficiency:
  • Independence to specify configuration without waiting for assistance
  • Zero mistakes in configuration with user-friendly interfaces Add screenshots
  • Time saving from: Smartcodes for storing the details of your enclosure configurations for easy retrieval
  • Access to datasheets, technical drawings, and quotation history for easy referencing.
Spacial.conf software lets you configure what you need:
  • Universal and applicative enclosures in steel, stainless steel, and insulating material (polyester)
  • Accessories: cable entry and gland plates among others
  • Thermal management solutions
  • Machining options: cut-outs on enclosure body, door, or mounting plates
  • A range of colours
Easy to use:
  • No additional software
  • No training needed
  • Available in 4 languages

For more information about the New Spacial.conf Software from Schneider Electric click here.

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