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Acti 9 iEM3000 series meters from Schneider Electric now available for direct connection in 125 A circuits

Schneider Electric (France) - Energy metering integration gets even easier.

Integrating energy metering into your building just got easier with the newest Acti 9 iEM3000 series meters: the iEM3300 models have native support for BACnet, M-bus, LON or Modbus protocols and direct connection in 125 A circuits.

More than just kWh meters, these energy meters are loaded with features to help improve energy efficiency:
  • Full four-quadrant measurement of active and reactive energy delivered and received provides a full view of both energy consumption and on-site generation
  • Extensive real-time measurements (V, I, P, PF) means greater detail on energy usage
  • Multiple tariffs provide the flexibility to match the billing structure of the utility for sub-billing and cost allocation applications
Bringing simple energy cost management applications into your BMS, AMR or EMS system has never been easier.

For more information about the Acti 9 iEM3000 series meters from Schneider Electric click here.

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