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Balluff’s Cable for Harsh Environments

Balluff GmbH (Germany) - M12 female, M12 male, 4-pin.

Wherever connectors and cables are used in the immediate vicinity of welding work, they are subjected to high stress. This is due to the presence of scorching welding residue such as weld spatter and slag. Conventional cables become unusable in this harsh environment within a very short time. Weld-immune cable versions provide a remedy. These cables fulfill various regional requirements worldwide.

Five types of different material - for versatile applications:
Five different cable variants cover almost all application areas. Thus, fiberglass-coated and stainless steel-coated cables are available as required in pressing plants and for machining applications. The full silicone and PTFE cables, as used in welding systems, for example, meet the most stringent demands. Silicone-free cables are available for areas where silicone must not be used. These cables meet the same technical prerequisites.

High-durability cables have been developed for extremely difficult environments and withstand hundreds of thousands of welding cycles without difficulty.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • PUR/glass fiber cloth
  • PUR/metal mesh
  • TPE
  • Silicone
  • FEP
Application example:

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