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POSITAL’s high-performance IXARC optical rotary encoders are now available with EtherCAT communications interfaces

FRABA B.V. (Netherlands) - Fast EtherCAT rotary encoder. High Performance with Simple Operation.

POSITAL’s new optical encoders with EtherCAT provide high-speed data for positioning and speed control – they ensure extremely short cycle times of up to 62 µs. Thanks to their distributed clock function, they allow users to synchronize axes with a deviation of <1 µs. The EtherCAT encoders support cable redundancy, thus minimizing breakdown times in case of cable breaks: if special PLCs with two network cards are used, a maximum of one cycle is lost. A round axis functionality enables users to implement applications with non-binary gearing factors (e.g. 6 revolutions). The firmware can be updated through standard configuration tools such as TwinCAT, with a password protection that restricts access to authorized personnel.
  • Very Fast Cycle Time (up to 62 µs)
  • Firmware Update with Password Protection
  • Up to 16 bit Resolution and 14 bit Revolution
  • All Common Flanges/Shaft Sizes Available
  • Up to IP67 Environmental Protection
  • Optional Stainless Steel and Explosion Proof Housings
  • Packaging Machinery: Pick and Place
  • Bottling Machines
  • Plastic Manufacturing: Blow Film Lines
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Material Handling: Automotive
  • Stage and Theater Systems
  • Robotics

For more information about the IXARC optical rotary encoders from Posital (FRABA B.V.) click here.

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