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ads-tec Industrial VPN Router and Firewall ready for The Internet of Things

ads-tec GmbH (Germany) - ads-tec Industrial VPN router and firewall, the IRF2000 series now with extended fields of application based on OSGi ™.

ads-tec expands the numerous possibilities of the OSGi™ Service Platform support with an extensive device API by means of which all functions of the devices can also be used directly from application.

In addition, the ads-tec Big-LinX® Remote Service Cloud was expanded with matching condition monitoring services. As a result, it is now possible to implement a globally distributed condition monitoring system (CMS) for plants and machines with just a few lines of Java code that is nevertheless optimised for data throughput and IT security.

Be it customer-developed Web applications directly on the device, condition monitoring of plants and machines, protocol converters or custom SMS applications, the possibilities are endless.

OSGi™ is especially popular with router manufacturers in the area of smart-home automation in the consumer sector.

Through the expansion of the IRF2000 series, the OSGi™ Service Platform support router is now available on the market for the first time that meets industrial demands with respect to environmental conditions and functionality.

For more information about the IRF2000 Series of Industrial VPN Routers and Firewalls from ads-tec GmbH click here.

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