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New Hygienic Design Gearbox Series HLAE from Neugart

Neugart GmbH (Germany) - Neugart launched the new hygienic design HLAE Gearbox, which is based on the design of Neugart GmbH’s market leading PLE series. The HLAE is designed to meet and exceed the highest hygienic requirements.

More than just a stainless steel gearbox, the HLAE is the solution to the pharmaceutical and food processing industry’s need for a hygienic and easy cleanable gearbox. Every aspect of the gearbox’s design is engineered to stand up to the most difficult environments. For example, most gearboxes use a radial screw to tighten a clamping hub onto the motor shaft, but this creates a recess where residue and bacteria can grow. The HLAE was designed that there are no radial screws to mar the electro-polished exterior surface. This allows for a gearbox that can be effectively disinfected and cleaned easily.

In addition, the HLAE is designed to be extremely flexible in orientation and installation. This includes optionally available sealing kits, allowing an OEM to integrate the gearbox into their motor mounting surface.

For more information about the New Hygienic Design Gearbox Series HLAE from Neugart click here.

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