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New Kilo Net D6 Q from Electrex - Akse - Power Quality Energy Analyzer & Wi-Fi Web Data Manager

Electrex - Akse s.r.l. (Italy) - Electrex is glad to introduce the new Kilo net D6 Q, a Power Quality Energy Analyzer & Wi-Fi Web Data Manager. The ideal solution for energy audits, continuous monitoring (e.g. ISO 50001), energy efficiency projects (e.g. EU-Directive 2012-27 and White Certificates or Energy Efficiency Certificates) and the analysis of the quality of energy (EN 50160, Harmonics up to the 51-st, peaks, dips, interruptions, etc.).

The Kilo net D6 Q, equipped with a Dual Core Cortex-M4 microprocessor, is suitable for harsh environments and provides hundreds types of measurements including: THD-I and THD-U per phase, imp/exp power, AVG, MD, energy for 2-4 quadrants (Ea,Er). Accuracy Class 0,5S conform to IEC EN 62053-22, in True-RMS values. Various connectivity modalities (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS485, E-Wi, ExpBus, NFC).1 digital input and 2 digital outputs. Modbus protocol.

Built-in Web interface for configuration and status supervision. Remote firmware update. Designed to meet the most demanding applications of energy management in industrial, tertiary, commercial and residential sectors.


For more information about the New Kilo Net D6 Q from Electrex - Akse click here.

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