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eWON’s New M2Web service allowing browser-based remote access to VNC Panels, web HMIs and IPC

eWON SA (Belgium) - The eWON R&D team is proud to announce the release of M2Web, a cloud-based service of Talk2M, that provides a simple way to monitor and pilot remote panel, SCADA and web HMI using a regular web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Pilot and monitor your remote HMI panel. Anywhere, anytime, any device.

M2Web allows Machine Builders and System Integrators to interact with their remote device in new ways without having to install any apps or software. Using a simple Internet-browser, they can access a remote VNC panel, a Web HMI or a remote PC making remote diagnostics easier from the comfort of the office.

M2Web is compliant with Talk2M Free+ and Pro accounts and works with all eWON products.


For more information about the New M2Web Cloud Service from eWON click here.

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