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ICOP Technology launched the eBOX-104 Ruggedized Enclosure

ICOP Technology, Inc. (Taiwan) - eBOX-104 is a customizable PC/104 rugged enclosure that is designed to protect your PC/104 single board computer system in a wide range of harsh environments.

In addition to having a passive cooling design, the eBOX-104 is also designed as an active warming system.

eBOX-104 will keep your single board computer cool while surviving in a high temperature environment. In addition, it will also keep your board warm as the temperature drops below freezing. The eBox-104 will ensure the survival of your systems even in environments with temperature ranges from -60℃~ to +80℃.


For more information about New eBOX-104 Ruggedized Enclosure from ICOP Technology click here.

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