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Super Long Range Color Sensor from EMX Industries

EMX Industries, Inc. (USA) - The ColorMax-1000 by EMX Industries is a long range color sensor with a 150-mm operating range and a 25-mm illuminated spot. The long range sensing capability allows the sensor to be mounted away from moving machinery parts, protecting it from potential mechanical damage. The large illuminated spot generates a large data sample that provides more information about the color the sensor is analyzing. More information provides higher accuracy and speed.

Color variations detected by ColorMax-1000 are used as input by an automated system to take corrective action. With this approach, the controller can make minor in-process adjustments without reprogramming or operator intervention. In addition, instead of the sensor making the match decision, a controller now can perform this function. For the first time, process engineers have the option of developing their own algorithms for color control. Using color-intensity data from the sensor, a controller can store and make matching decisions on a virtually unlimited number of colors.

High accuracy, stability, and sophisticated software algorithms enable the ColorMax-1000 long range sensor to meet the resolution and speed requirements of advanced manufacturing processes.

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