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Hygiene-compliant and easy to install: Emergency pull-wire switch with new wire tensioner from steute

steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) - Emergency pull-wire switches are used in many larger machines and plants as “extended emergency-stop buttons”: operators just need to pull the wire and the machine stops. In a truly dangerous situation, this can save valuable milliseconds because there is no need to run to the next emergency-stop button.

Although this extra safety measure really makes sense, to date engineers have had to put up with a minor disadvantage: installing this type of switchgear, especially tensioning the wire, has never exactly been comfortable. Far more, it has demanded considerable skill and physical strength.

The new wire tensioner TS 65 from steute makes this task much easier. It works similarly to a quick clamp device in other application fields and enables the wire to be installed both quickly and easily.

For more information about the New Wire Tensioner TS 65 from steute click here.

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