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DFI Introduces its Compact and Mini Modules based on the Low-Power Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800 SoC

DFI Inc. (Taiwan) - DFI, a leading manufacturer offering a wide range of products for industrial applications, today introduces its two COM Express products adopting Intel Atom processor. The Intel Atom E3800 SoC-based modules are available in Type 6 and Type 10; providing outstanding computing capability as well as flexible expansion interfaces.

To meet the requirements of today’s automation applications, BT9A3 Mini module not only delivers excellent CPU performance but also features ECC memory that provides improved data integrity and system reliability through automatic data correction. A remarkably small-footprint module, BT968 and BT9A3, powered by Intel Atom SoC solution at only 4.3~10 watt TDP is well suited for today’s intelligent systems that run 24 hours, such as healthcare equipment, ATMs, surveillances, etc.

For more information about the New BT968 and BT9A3 Mini Modules from DFI click here and here.

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