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KR AGILUS Robot from KUKA bonds threaded bolts at WKT Kunststofftechnik GmbH

KUKA Roboter GmbH (Germany) - Threaded rods, mechanical engineering, heat insulation and electrical insulation: these are the product fields in which WKT Kunststofftechnik GmbH has been operating since 1994. With its headquarters in Geeste-Dalum and about 70 employees, WKT serves customers in the power engineering field and in typical applications such as high-voltage facilities, transformers, medical technology, aircraft manufacturing, rail technology and switchgears. For WKT Kunststofftechnik, the same applies in each of these areas: plastic over steel.

The assembly and gluing of various plastic components occurs at the beginning of every product. This preparatory work includes the assembly of three components: nut (in square or hexagon design), threaded rod and washer. The result: a highly versatile, plastic threaded bolt for various thread sizes and lengths. Since a thermoset plastic cannot be welded, a special adhesive is used to bond the components. More than anything, this work step demands the highest precision. WKT’s goal was to automate this work step, reduce the defect rate to zero percent and thus increase productivity.


Results / Success:
Commissioning and the start of series production at WKT took place in March 2014. Since then, the company has had a reliable system that can be used flexibly and is easy to operate. The use of camera technology to check the product assures 100 percent quality. A success rate that cannot be achieved with manual solutions.

For more information about the KR AGILUS Robots from KUKA click here.

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