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Longer Travel Range for Micro Motorized Linear Stages from Zaber Technologies

Zaber Technologies, Inc. (Canada) - Zaber’s LSA Series of micro motorized linear stages is now available with a longer travel range – 25 mm, in addition to 10 mm.

These stages are designed to fit into the most restrictive spaces without sacrificing performance or features. Small but powerful, these stages provide ultra-fine positioning with a microstep size of < 25 nm, < 1 um repeatability, up to 10 mm/s speed, and up to 3.5 kg thrust.

These stages can mount directly in XY (or XYZ, with an angle bracket for the Z-axis or vertical mounting), and they are designed for use with an A-MCA Series stepper motor controller or an A-MCB2 two-axis stepper motor controller (pictured), or any 2-phase stepper motor controller.

For more information about the Micro Motorized Linear Stages from Zaber Technologies click here.

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