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MEYER WERFT uses safety solution from Pilz

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) - MEYER WERFT in Papenburg has equipped its laser welding laboratory for high-performance laser welding technology with a safety solution comprising the automation system PSS 4000, safe sensor technology PSEN and control and signal devices from Pilz. In conjunction with the safety gate system PSENsgate and the operating mode selector switch PITmode, PSS 4000 controls and monitors all the safety functions in the laser welding laboratory, meeting the highest safety requirements up to Performance Level e and Safety Integrity Level 3.

As well as taking care of basic passive safety, the control system PSSuniversal PLC from the automation system PSS 4000 also monitors all the safety-related signals on switches, the laser, robot and laboratory window. The safety gate system PSENsgate and operating mode selector switch PITmode, which enables the plant to be operated and controlled by authorised personnel in various operating modes, also monitor the access area of the laser welding laboratory.

"The holistic, flexible safety solution from Pilz can enable all current and future laser applications", says Frank Boekhoff, Head of the Joining Technology Division in MEYER WERFT's Research & Development department.

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