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Precia Molen’s New CKW 410 LOG Range of Checkweighers for Logistics

PRECIA-MOLEN (France) - Nowadays the cost of handling a non-compliance that has not been detected prior to delivery to customers is much too high.

The CKW 410 LOG checkweigher range offers significant assets for the processing of missing product check and for the assessment of order compliance:

Ease of set-up:
  • Moderate dimensions
  • Various interface possibilities with the handling line, including major fieldbuses
  • Wide speed adjustment range
  • No moving protruding part
  • Compliant with EMC, Low Voltage and machine directives
  • Large-size frame
  • 4 load-cell mounting
  • User interface offering the new benefits of the I410 indicator
Controlled ownership cost:
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Limited maintenance
The whole range range is legal for trade, according to MID 2004/22/EC directive as XIII(1) and Y(a) classes.

For more information about the New CKW 410 LOG Range of Checkweighers from Precia Molen click here.

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