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HBM’s New Somat Data Recorder with web interface for use in harsh environments

HBM - Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (Germany) - Data acquisition and analysis, whenever and wherever required – this is what distinguishes the rugged CX23-R data recorder.

Direct access to measurement data:
The measurement module provides a web interface for simple operation without any software installation. This allows for convenient channel parameterization, monitoring of measurement jobs and visualization of measured data far away from the measuring point. SomatXR CX23-R is available with an internal memory of 16 or 64 GB.

Flexible, modular and expandable - The following interfaces and ports ensure flexibility and scalability:
  • DIO interface with three digital inputs and two digital outputs
  • GPS interface for connecting a GPS receiver
  • Three CAN interfaces (ISO 11898, CAN 2.0A and 2.0B)
  • Two Ethernet ports for connection to other SomatXR modules
  • Ethernet host port for connecting a PC with up-to-date web browser
Smart data handling:
The CX23-R data recorder is the central module of the rugged SomatXR family. It synchronizes all connected measurement modules with Ethernet PTPv2, stores recorded measurement data and provides computed channels and smart data compression using Somat DataModes™. This technology was specially developed for the Somat products and provides Time History and, in addition, Time-at-Level (one-dimensional) as well as Burst History with Pre- and Post-Trigger times. The SIE file format is used to assure data integrity and to enable configuration parameters to be retrieved.

For more information about New SomatXR CX23-R Data Recorder from HBM click here.

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