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Baumer Encoders now with Powerlink Certificate

Baumer Holding AG (Switzerland) - Now certified: All Baumer encoders with Ehternet-Powerlink interface are compliant to specification DS301 V1.1.0.

The Plugfest of the Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group (EPSG) was the venue for successful certification of the Baumer optical and magnetic encoders with Powerlink interface and software version 1.5.6. The certificate confirms compliance to Powerlink specification DS301 V1.1.0. The stringent requirements on EPSC- certified Powerlink products ensure premium quality at international level, in addition they comply with CANopen Profile DSP 406 and hence enable quick integration in the application.

These encoders with optical sensing technique are predestined for demanding applications in terms of precision, dynamics and shaft synchronization. They boast of resolutions up to 262.144 steps singleturn and 65.536 revolutions multiturn. With 0.01° precision and ultimately high synchronization with jitter within the 500 ns range they improve machine outputs, for example by speeding up the filling process in bottling installations.

Encoders with robust magnetic sensing are the product to choose for harsh environments. They provide up to 4096 steps per turn and up to 65.636 revolutions. Withstanding shocks and vibration up to 500 g respectively 30 g they ensure reliable operation even under extreme conditions.

Solid shaft designs with clamping or synchro flange and models with 12 or 14 mm blind hollow shaft offer ideal capabilities for easy mechanical integration.

For more information about the Encoders from Baumer click here.

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