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ProSoft Technology's Point-to-Point Wireless I/O System Deploys Quickly

ProSoft Technology, Inc. (USA) – Wiring I/O long distances can typically be a costly and time-consuming job, including trenching, pulling wires and permits.

With ProSoft Technology’s Wireless I/O communication modules, users can now replace wires and the months of work needed to install them. Our bi-directional Wireless I/O system can be deployed within a few hours and requires no software configuration.

Discrete module and analog modules are also available. The 3 – 30 VDC discrete module has four inputs and four outputs, while the analog modules have two inputs and two outputs. Several antenna combinations are available for use with the radio modules, which have a range of up to 4 miles (900 MHz) and up to 1 mile (2.4 GHz). Each system can accommodate up to 16 module pairs, and feature a response time down to 100 ms. The conformal coated system can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 C to 85 C.

The system alerts you to RF or I/O failures. Single power termination per station saves users time that would be spent wiring.

For more information about the Wireless I/O System from ProSoft Technology click here.

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