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B&R introduces X20 Modules for Strain Gauges

B&R Industrial Automation (Austria) - Precise strain measurement. Two new X20 modules are now available for digitizing strain gauge signals.

B&R has added 2 new analog input modules to its X20 I/O series that can be used to digitize signals from strain gauges: the X20AIA744 with 2 full-bridge strain gauge inputs and the X20AIB744 with 4 full-bridge strain gauge inputs. Up to 4 strain gauge channels can now be housed in a module just as thin as a single-channel unit. Users save both equipment costs and control cabinet space.

The X20AIA744 and X20AIB744 modules work with 4-wire strain gauge load cells. Compensation in the measurement system eliminates absolute uncertainty in the measurement circuit, such as component tolerances, effective bridge voltage or zero offset. The modules each have 24-bit converter resolution.

For more information about the X20 Remote I/O System from B&R Industrial Automation click here.

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