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New Video showing the Adept Six-Axis Robot Viper for Assembly and Material Handling

Adept Technology, Inc. (USA) - Adept’s Viper 700 and Viper 900 are new 6-axis articulated robots offering the versatility of a large working area with the convenience of a streamlined, compact architecture. These new Viper models have 723- and 912-mm reaches, respectively, and both accommodate payloads up to 7 kg. The Viper 700 and Viper 900 come standard with features such as an IP67 dust and waterproof rating, integrated solenoid valves, and powerful off-line programming and emulation software.

Key features of the Viper 700 and Viper 900 include:
  • Compact controls that simplify installation and save floor space
  • Slim arm design to minimize work cell size
  • Standard IP67 dust and waterproof rating for industrial environments
  • Hollow wrist design that simplifies cabling for end-of-arm-tooling

For more information about the New Six-Axis Robot Viper from Adept Technology click here.

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