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Opto 22 New SNAP mechanical relay output has integrated transient suppression

Opto 22 (USA) - The new SNAP-OMR6T-C mechanical power relay output module offers four points to switch loads up to 6 amps at 250 VAC or 30 VDC.

AND it includes integrated transient suppression, while maintaining minimal leakage current.
  • Each isolated point can carry 6 amps, no matter how many of the four points are on
  • Each point can be wired as normally open or normally closed
  • Each point can switch either AC or DC
We developed these mechanical power relay output modules in a SNAP form factor to dramatically reduce the possibility of leakage current causing a load to stick ON. Leakage current for the module is less than 1 microamp.

For most applications—including those with long wire runs—this new model is the recommended choice over the similar, older SNAP-OMR6-C, which does not have integrated transient suppression.

You can use the SNAP-OMRT-C with all SNAP PAC brains and rack-mounted controllers. The module also works with legacy brains like SNAP Ultimate and SNAP Ethernet, and you can even use it with serial B3000 and B3000-B brains.

For more information about the New SNAP Mechanical Relay from Opto 22 click here.

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