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ProSoft Technology’s Industrial Hotspots: Communication Solutions for IT and OT

ProSoft Technology, Inc. (USA) - ProSoft Technology’s Industrial Hotspot radios are the rare solutions that will make both worlds – IT and OT – happy.

Our radios feature SNMP support, which your IT personnel will like. On the OT side, the radios’ new EtherNet/IP™ embedded object and Modbus® agent support enables users to get radio diagnostics into their PAC/PLC, where the data can be analyzed and acted upon, helping to reduce downtime.

The radios now feature Ultra-Fast access point switchover times of less than 10 ms, which is ideal for automated storage-retrieval systems, automated guided vehicles, automotive skillet lines, and more.

For more information about the Industrial Hotspots from ProSoft Technology click here.

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