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New Supplier Entry - Fischer Connectors (Switzerland)

Fischer Connectors (Switzerland)

Fischer Connectors has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high performance connectors and cable assembly solutions for 60 years. Our connectors are known for their reliability, precision and resistance to demanding and harsh environments.

Fischer Connectors’ products are commonly used in fields requiring faultless quality, such as: medical equipment, industrial instrumentation, measuring and testing devices, broadcast, telecommunication and military forces.

Fischer Connectors’ products have been grouped into four product lines:
  • Fischer Core Series – Ideally suited to fulfill any need in terms of size, configuration and application, with over 20,000 references.
  • Fischer UltiMateTM Series – Best for rugged and compact applications when weight matters.
  • Fischer FiberOptic Series – A pre-cabled solution ideal for indoor, outdoor and extreme applications when performance and reliability are key.
  • Fischer MiniMaxTM Series – Perfectly suited for applications where density, signal & power, light weight and miniature size matter.
Custom-designed solutions are available: Fischer Connectors works closely with its customers worldwide to design and implement solutions that best meet their specific needs in different applications.

Primary design and manufacturing facilities are located in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, with eight subsidiaries and many distributors located worldwide.

Main Products:
Connectors, Cable Assembly Solutions, Accessories, Tools, etc.

Contact details:
Address: Fischer Connectors, Chemin du Glapin 20, 1162 Saint-Prex, Switzerland.
Phone: +41 21 800 95 95
FAX: +41 21 800 39 24
Website: http://www.fischerconnectors.com
Email address: mail@fischerconnectors.ch

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