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New high density Cable Entry Solutions from Roxtec

Roxtec Group (Sweden) - Roxtec launches the innovative Roxtec HD (high density) – a cable entry device for use instead of cable glands in terminal boxes and enclosures. It meets the challenge you often face with high cable density in applications with high safety demands. Besides providing environmental protection, it helps designers and installers save a lot of time, space and money.

The Roxtec HD cable entry device is developed to serve in the harshest of environments and it is available in versions for use in potentially explosive atmospheres as well as for non-hazardous locations. The new device consists of an AISI 316L acid-proof stainless steel frame and classic components such as Roxtec sealing modules, making it adaptable to cables of different sizes. It can accommodate many different cable types: smooth, corrugated, armored and non-armored.


For more information about the New Roxtec HD from Roxtec Group click here.

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