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NuTec completes $2.5 Million Medical Assembly Automation Project

NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc. (USA) – NuTec’s latest medical assembly automation project is the eleventh iteration built in cooperation with a large medical device supplier. The project, consisting of six separate automation stations, including two of NuTec’s proprietary TrayTender products, was built for the assembly and testing of a sophisticated medical device. A device is produced every 9 seconds and the line can run many variations of the product. The multi-million dollar project took just under a year to complete.


About NuTec:
NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc. is a solutions oriented provider and designer of factory automation solutions and industrial robotics for contract manufacturers and manufacturers of complex components. NuTec specializes in factory automation solutions for industries such as: medical, small electronics/devices, electro-mechanical automation, energy storage, consumer products, and more.

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