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10A DC current control module LCOS-CC from LÜTZE received UL 508 and UL 2367 approvals

Friedrich Lütze GmbH (Germany) - LÜTZE has expanded the 10A DC current control module LCOS-CC so that it now has the UL 508 and UL 2367 approvals, which means it satisfies the requirements necessary for use as a 'Supplementary Protection Device'.

With LCOS, LÜTZE has developed an IP20 housing system which can be extended through tool-free plug-in modules, such as the LCOS-CCi, to form a complete and modular I/O system. As a 'Supplementary Protection Device', the LCOS-CC is an intelligent solid state relay circuit breaker that prevents wires and connected devices from overloading and short-circuiting. LÜTZE offers the current control LCOS-CC in two different versions: as a 1-channel, and a 2-channel version.

One of the main advantages of the LCOS-CC is the integrated energy bus and the direct load connection to '+' and '–'. In accordance with the housing philosophy of LCOS Systems, all terminal blocks are pluggable, and therefore suitable for tool-free construction or module replacement. The wiring expenses are thus substantially reduced in comparison to conventional systems. On the input side, the nominal voltage of the LÜTZE LCOS-CC totals DC 24V.

In the 2-channel design, the direct connection of the load is duplicated. Status messages take place as optical and electrical signals for each channel separately, either as collective fault messages or on achievement of the 90 percent utilisation.

In the single-channel version, the fuse has two pins (+,-) and galvanic isolation. All other functions are identical to the 1-channel version.

Background to modular LCOS housing system:
The LCOS electronic housing is based on a device carrier that holds the separate housings or the plug-in function units. Plug-in data or power modules with supply options can supply power to the system and permit the construction of a modular data or power bus.

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