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Korail Successfully Increased the Efficiency of Ticket Machines by Importing DFI’s COM Express

DFI Inc. (South Korea) - With a rapid population growth in Korea, Seoul Metro has become one of the world’s busiest subway systems with a ridership of more than eight million passengers per day. Since studies have shown that ticketing experience plays a vital part in customers’ perception of transit service quality, Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail), a national operator of railway lines, recognized the need to deliver efficient passenger services by upgrading the ticket vending machines at major stations.

Korail laid out several requirements such as expansion capabilities, hardware reliability, technical support and value added services, and cost-effective solution for selecting the right solution and partner. After conducting a thorough evaluation of DFI products and services, Korail decided to redevelop the machines with DFI’s COM Express.

But how did DFI successfully contribute to this initiative?


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