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Phoenix Contact’s New Device Connectors with K-, L-, M-coding

Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) - The new M12 device connectors in K, L, and M coding from Phoenix Contact round off the extensive M12 Power connector series and enable the transmission of high direct and alternating currents in confined spaces.

The K-coded circular connectors are designed for AC applications with five contacts (4+PE) and transmit up to 630 V/16 A. The L-coded connectors are available in two designs with five contacts (4+FE) as well as in a four-pos. version. Both designs transmit up to 63 V/16 A DC and are available in the PROFINET-specified version. The M-coded connectors transmit a maximum of 630 V/8 A AC with six contacts (5+PE).

The power connectors are available in pin and socket versions with 20 cm litz wires or as a one-piece or two-piece flush-type connector for direct PCB assembly using wave or reflow soldering. Like the existing S- and T-codings, the new codings are also described in the 61076-2-111 standard. Users are therefore provided with an extensive range of connectors for compact and future-proof power transmission.

For more information about the New Device Connectors from Phoenix Contact click here.

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