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Pixsys introduced their New Range of Panel Meters

Pixsys Electronics (Italy) - Setting new standards in panel meters. Pixsys introduced their new range of panel meters.

Distinctive features include:
  • Unique multilingual interface with full text menus for outstanding user-friendliness
  • Bright OLED display supporting trends and bar-graphs, vertical/horizontal installation
  • Dedicated App MyPixsys relying on RFID/NFC communication for immediate programming by smartphone
  • Powerful high-frequency analogue/digital converter for high accuracy and quick conversion
Same product concept applying to 3 different models:
  • STR551 with universal analogue input for temperature sensors and mA/Volt signals
  • STR561 with strain-gauge input targeting melt pressure sensors and load cells
  • STR571 ModbusRTU remote Display (Master) to read/write up to 8 Modbus variables

For more information about the New Panel Meters from Pixsys Electronics click here.

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