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New UHP-200A Power Supply from Mean Well Enterprises

Mean Well Enterprises Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) – UHP-200A Series~ 200W Ultra Low Profile, Slim Design Sign Panel Power Supply (with PFC).

As the volume of the LED sign panel cabinet becomes thinner and thinner, MEAN WELL introduce the enclosed type AC/DC power supply UHP-200A series, a 200W model with high efficiency and low output voltage. This series offers 4.2Vdc/4.5Vdc/ 5Vdc models. The 26mm ultra low profile and 55mm slim width design which can easily lessen the cabinet design cost as well as the installation space are very suitable for small pitch LED display, indoor or outdoor rental LED display. With fan less design, UHP-200A series can reduce the fan noise and the damage possibility of fan. The above designs make UHP-200A series suit to use in indoor LED display requiring low noise.

Moreover, the UHP-200A series adopt the new circuit design topology to enhance whole system performance and save energy by achieving high conversion efficiency. Suitable applications include indoor and outdoor LED electronic signage, LED moving signs, LED TV walls, etc...


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