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CANNON-Automata presents an ARM-based 32-Bit controller with integrated fieldbus and panel interface

Automata GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) – Thanks to its powerful 32-bit ARM® Cortex-A9® Multicore CPU, the K1 controller covers a wide range of requirements. It is suitable for universal PLC applications as well as for applications with high demands on computing power and communication capability. In addition to USB and Ethernet, the K1 controller has onboard IOs, an EtherCAT® master and CAN interface for connecting additional IOs and drives.

The high-performance 3D graphics engine and the DVA panel interface are the perfect base for applications in which control and visualization run on one device. The DVA panel interface enables remote operation of L1/C1 automation panels on the K1 controller. Video, touchscreen, USB and power supply are routed over a single, up to 5 meter long cable. Alternatively, the K1 controller can also be mounted as a system unit directly on the back of the L1/C1 panels.

The K1 controller is programmed with CODESYS V3 in the common IEC 61131-3 languages. Visualizations can be created with CODESYS Web-/Target-Visu or Qt. The Ethernet interface in conjunction with the integrated OPC-UA server enables simple integration into SmartFactory structures and communication with SCADA systems.

WLAN, 3G modem or RT-Ethernet interfaces can be added via the Mini-PCIe expansion slot. This makes wireless communication in Industrie 4.0 applications possible.

For more information about the New K1 Controller from Automata GmbH & Co. KG click here.

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