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VIA Announces VPai Clip2 Pro Turnkey Solution for 4K Ultra HD 360-Degree Cameras

VIA Technologies, Inc. (Taiwan) – Full suite of supply chain, manufacturing, QC, and logistics management services ensures the fastest time-to-market for panoramic camera devices.

VIA Technologies, Inc., announced the launch of the VPai Home Turnkey Solution for Wireless Home Security & Video Monitoring Systems.

VPai Clip2 Pro provides the most efficient and affordable path for companies to enter the smart camera market by combining a high-performance production-ready hardware platform with a user-friendly Android software app that enables real-time 360-degree video and image capture, composition, and sharing in stunning 4K resolutions. A full suite of supply chain, manufacturing, quality control, and logistics management is also provided to ensure the fastest time-to-market.

Key features of the VPai Clip2 Pro Turnkey Solution include:
  • Dual 8MP 210° fisheye lenses with transverse 360° and longitudinal 360° capture
  • 4K Ultra HD (4096×2048) video and image resolutions with real-time H.265 video compression engine
  • Enhanced 360-degree image and video capture and composition features including Time-Lapse, Real-Time Preview, Post-Processing Video Stabilization, Auto White Balance, and Enhanced Distortion Correction
  • Optimized night-shooting performance
  • Integrated stitching engine for saving smart phone battery life

“VPai Clip2 Pro further extends our market-leading range of turnkey 360-degree camera solutions,” said Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “By combining advanced hardware and software features into a single production-ready package with flexible customization options, it enables our customers to accelerate new product innovation cycles while minimizing development times and costs.”

VPai Clip2 Pro is available in a variety of color combinations and language versions and can be customized for specific requirements. An APK is available for customers wishing to create a customized version of the VPai software app.

For more information about the New VPai Clip2 Pro Turnkey Solution from VIA Technologies, Inc. click here.

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