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Automate Spraying and Cultivation Equipment and Save Money

AMETEK Factory Automation (USA) – Press Release: Increase productivity and save costs by automating your spraying and cultivation equipment. LDTs (linear displacement transducers) from AMETEK Factory Automation offers great advantages to the agriculture industry.

In agriculture, varying crop heights and row spacings reduce the effectiveness of automated planting, spraying, and cultivation equipment. Wheel/track width and sprayer height must be adjusted from field to field and crop to crop.

Hydraulic positioners equipped with Gemco Linear Displacement Transducers (LDTs), enable quick adjustments to track width and sprayer height to accommodate varying crop heights and row widths.

  • No manual adjustment is required
  • Operator can make adjustments on-the-go
  • Proper crop clearance and row width insures that crops are not damaged during the spraying/cultivating process
  • Cost savings as a result of less time being spent making adjustments, and proper crop clearance resulting in no crop damage
  • With a wide input power range of 7 to 30 VDC, the 953 VMax can be easily powered without a change to the vehicle’s electrical system

The 953 VMax will greatly increase productivity by eliminating manual adjustments. The 953 VMax will also significantly increase profits by eliminating crop damage through proper crop clearance and row width adjustments during the spraying proce

For more information about the Linear Displacement Transducers from AMETEK Factory Automation click here.

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