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Binder USA Adds M8 12-pin with Gold-plated Contacts to Series 718 & 768 Connectors to Enable OEMs to Save Panel Space

Binder USA, LP (USA) – Binder USA, LP, has added the M8 12-pin to their Series 718 & 768 lines of M8 Connectors. The 12 gold-plated contacts allow for more data connections in a small form connector, making it easy to combine multiple connections into one connector to save panel space. The IP67 rated connectors are typically used with automation-related products including photoelectric, proximity and temperature sensors.

The M8 12-pin is an effective solution for smaller devices that require both smaller connectors and protection from liquids and small particles. It is available in male or female molded cable and panel mount connectors with cable lengths 2 m and 5 m and standard single wire length of 200 mm. Gold-plated contacts provide low contact resistance and each receptacle is prewired with 16-gauge wires using UL PUR cable or single wires. The M8-12 is rated up to 30 V DC, 1 amp.

Highlights include:
  • 12 Gold (Au) Plated Contacts
  • M8 Thread
  • Rated current - 1A
  • Rated voltage - 30 V
  • Degree of protection - IP67
  • Termination - PUR cable/single wires
  • Configurable according to customer requirements

For more information about the New M8 Connectors from Binder USA, LP click here.

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