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MDT Software Launches Webinar Series on Safeguarding Manufacturing Automation Against Downtime and Errors by Managing Program Changes

MDT Software, Inc. (USA) – MDT Software, a world leader in change management solutions for automated manufacturing assets, announced the launch of a webinar series featuring information and demonstrations to help manufacturers and utility providers learn how they can protect operations from downtime and errors that can result from unmanaged automation program changes. The first webinar will take place on Thursday, April 19 at 2:00pm eastern time.

AutoSave Change Management Software protects, saves, restores, discovers, and tracks changes in industrial programmable devices and files/groups of files. In using AutoSave to manage program changes, automation users can protect the intellectual property in their automation layer across their enterprise; helping to avoid risk regardless of the environment and device type for rapid recovery from hardware failures, mistakes, sabotage and other hazards.

In the first webinar, occurring in April, MDT Software will:
  • Discuss the sources and types of changes that take place in plant automation environments
  • Illustrate the effects of unmanaged changes through real-world scenarios
  • Examine how managing changes can help protect against common plant risks: human error, equipment failure, sabotage and more
  • List the key benefits and features of an automation change management system that enables rapid recovery from failures and protection of users and assets
  • View a live demonstration showing the management of program versions, detection and notification of program changes, program comparison, secured access and more

For more information about the Webinar Series from MDT Software click here.

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