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Pixus Offers Range of Ventilated Panels for Instrumentation Cases

Pixus Technologies (Canada) – Press Release: Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, has several sizes for its ventilated panels for electronics enclosures. The panels fit the company’s modular Rittal Vario™ and RiCase™ aluminum cases.

The ventilation panels allow airflow in Pixus’ instrumentation cases. Customers can mix-and-match ventilated and non-ventilated panels on the front or rear of the enclosure. The panels come in 84HP and 42HP size for 19” and 9.5” enclosures respectively. Hinged panels are also available. Panel customization is optional, including custom cut-outs, painting/powder coating, and silkscreening.

Pixus provides instrumentation cases in 1U-12U heights and various widths, depths. The company also offers open standard backplane and chassis platforms as well as related embedded computing components.

For more information about the Ventilated Panels for Instrumentation Cases from Pixus Technologies click here.

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