ADLINK Launches Industrial-grade Intelligent Video Management Server for 4K, H.265 Video Processing Applications

ADLINK Launches Industrial-grade Intelligent Video Management Server for 4K, H.265 Video Processing Applications
ADLINK Technology, Inc. (Taiwan) – With an integrated GPU, the MCS-2080 2U high-density platform offers improved graphics and video processing performance for surveillance, broadcasting and conferencing.

ADLINK Technology, a global provider of leading edge computing solutions that drive data-to-decision applications across industries, introduced the MCS-2080 Intelligent Video Management Server, a dedicated, high-density platform featuring up to sixteen Intel® Xeon® processors E3-1500 v5. ADLINK’s MCS-2080 is an application-ready intelligent platform offering a high-performance and high availability design to meet the critical challenges for 4k & H.265 video applications in surveillance with video analytics, broadcasting, and video conferencing used in remote education and healthcare environments.

In the age of video, cloud-based service providers are required to perform extensive data processing. In surveillance, IP cameras record large-volume video files with high quality up to 4K; in broadcasting, high-performance hardware transcoding capability saves time and cost for video editors; in video conferencing, real-time and high-resolution video streaming consumes computing power. Previously, these applications used less efficient off-the-shelf commercial servers or digital signal processing (DSP), which requires a long development cycle. ADLINK’s MCS-2080, with high density and computing performance, meets the challenge of cloud-based data processing with an improved cost-per-channel solution by adapting commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms based on Intel x86 processors.

“MCS-2080 offers a cloud-friendly architecture and an application-ready intelligent platform to solution providers for video services” said Yong Lo, general manager of ADLINK’s Networking, Communication and Public Business Unit. “The MCS series with Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1585 provides the best cost per channel by using an integrated Intel® GT4e GPU and Intel® Media Server Studio middleware to improve video processing performance without the need for an extra GPU card. Instead, the integrated GPU handles video processing tasks, making the CPU available to process analytics.”

The MCS-2080’s 2U, 19” industrial-grade design provides high availability with redundant and hot-swappable modules. With sixteen systems, solution providers can arrange several different functions into one platform. For example, in surveillance, VMS, CMS and IVS can be allocated together in one MCS-2080 server, easing management requirements and saving space in the server room.

ADLINK’s MCS-2080 is especially designed to support medium- to large-scale intelligent video management applications. The MCS-2080 integrates Intel® Quick Sync Video (GT4e GPU) and a middleware layer with the Intel Media Server Studio (MSS) to implement hardware-assisted HEVC/H.265 video processing. The platform offers dual-redundant switches with sixteen 1G internal links and four 10G uplinks, as well as dual-redundant power supplies to meet industrial-grade design needs. Eight PCIe x8 slots offer scalable extension needs. The MCS_2080 also supports the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) 2.0 with Serial over LAN (SOL) redirection and web-based management and offers adaptive fan speed and intelligent power supply monitoring. Onboard storage of 2x mSATA slots supports SSD modules up to 512GB.

  • 16 systems (MCN-1500 compute node)
  • Supports Intel® Quick Sync Video (Intel® Iris Pro Graphics P580) with hardware assisted H.265/VP9 transcoding
  • Dual redundant switch nodes, each providing 16x 1G internal links to compute nodes and 4x 10G uplinks
  • 8x PCIe x8 slots to meet expansion requirements
  • ADLINK MediaManager provides end-to-end video server prototype solution to speed up product development
  • IPMI 2.0 with SOL and web-based management interface
  • Adaptive fan speed and intelligent power supply monitoring

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