Application Spotlight - Side Load Lift & Dump

Application Spotlight - Side Load Lift & Dump

Ensign Equipment, Inc. (United States) - Press Release: In this month’s Application Spotlight video, we are sharing a unique solution we were able to provide for one of our customers.

The customer was struggling to locate a Lift & Dump Container Dumper into a very small area to the side of an aisleway. The operator needed to load a wheeled cart into the dumper bucket from the aisleway, lift the cart straight up, and then dump it to the right of where it was loaded into a shredder inlet hopper at a 144” discharge height.

The material being discharged was small, soft-sided packages of various sizes. This particular material had a tendency to get stuck on anything that interfered with it discharging, therefore a standard retainer bar or tapered discharge could not be used. In place of these, we utilized a straight-wall dumper bucket for optimal flow, and peg style retainers prevent the cart from discharging with the material. Check out the video below to learn more and see this machine in action!

Ensign Container Dumpers:

Ensign’s extensive library of available options gives you the flexibility to address almost any material handling challenge. And with robust designs that are built to last, we can put your team in the position to succeed for years to come.

Just Some of the Available Options for Ensign’s Container Dumpers:

  • PLC automation
  • Safety guarding with light screen or manual swing door
  • Stainless steel material contact or complete construction
  • Custom bucket width/depth
  • Custom discharge heights
  • Variable speed controls
  • Riser support stands for taller discharge heights
  • UHMW bucket liner
  • Pendant controls

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