Applied Measurements' Intuitive-Lite4 Range of Digital Panel Meters

Applied Measurements' Intuitive-Lite4 Range of Digital Panel Meters
Applied Measurements Ltd. (UK) – Press Release: Save Money With our Intuitive-Lite4 Range of Digital Panel Meters. Intuitive-Lite4 – Ideal When You Want A Precision Display With No Additional Plug In Options.

The NEW Intuitive-Lite4 series of digital panel meters are the perfect choice for when you want a high precision display but with no additional plug-in features. The Intuitive-Lite4 series is the ideal option for the budget conscious application. Fast Setup

The ‘advanced’ and ‘easy’ menus have now been combined into one single layer menu making it much faster to setup and simple to use.

The Intuitive-Lite4 series of digital panel meters is directly compatible with the INT2 series making installation into your existing design fast and easy. It features the same front panel designs, dimensions and connections as the previous INT2 series. Superior Performance & Outstanding Resolution

But let’s not confuse lite with low quality. The NEW Intuitive-Lite4 series not only guarantees you superior performance from its 10 point linearisation but its 20-bit A/D converter delivers outstanding resolution in any application.

Its 10 point linearisation ensures transducer-related measurement errors are reduced and performance of the overall measuring system is improved. What’s more, the 10-point linearisation is fully user configurable and straightforward to implement, allowing any sensor to be optimised.

High Stability:
The Intuitive-Lite4 series allows the effects from noise and instability of the input signal to be reduced by signal filtering adjustment. The Intuitive-Lite4 digital panel meters also include an active filter which helps to eliminate the effects of vibration and other external sources of system noise.

Scale and Offset Adjustment:
Minor adjustments to the scale and offset can be made even after the digital panel meter has been calibrated, without having to send the meter back for re-calibration. The scale adjustment allows you to change to different engineering units, after the unit has been calibrated. Or, if your weighing assembly changes after the meter was originally calibrated, the offset adjustment enables you to modify the effect of any extra weight.

Environmental Protection:
The Intuitive-Lite4 series of digital panel meters has an IP65 environmental protection rating as standard, making it suitable for most environments. However, if you need your Intuitive-Lite4 meter to be used in a harsh and demanding environment, we can also supply a IP67 immersion protection rated front panel cover.

How Quickly Can I get One?
The Intuitive-Lite4 series of digital panel meters are available in less than 1 week from £145 (exc VAT).

  • Simple to Use – New Single Layer Menu
  • Low Cost Budget Option
  • Compatible with INT2
  • 10 Point Linearisation for Improved Performance
  • Scale and Offset Independent of Calibration
  • More Filtering and Logic Input Options
  • 20-bit A/D Converter for Superior Resolution
  • Optional IP67 Front Panel Cover For Demanding Environments

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