Article by Grupo Epelsa, S.L.: Weighing and New Industrial Trends in 2023

Article by Grupo Epelsa, S.L.: Weighing and New Industrial Trends in 2023

Grupo Epelsa, S.L. (Spain) - Weighing, as a fundamental activity in the industry, makes it possible to accurately measure and control the quantity of products used or produced. In this year 2023, the industry is experiencing a series of advances and new ways of implementing weighing, taking advantage of innovative and cutting-edge technologies. These new trends are revolutionizing the way both retail and industrial weighing is carried out, improving the efficiency, precision and automation of processes.

Smart weighing and automation:

In recent times, Smart Weighing (intelligent weighing) and automation have become an interesting trend in the industry: artificial intelligence, machine learning and product image recognition in real time. These systems are capable of adapting to different working conditions and environments, which is guaranteeing greater efficiency, better working times and reduced errors, optimizing company resources. This integration of automation into weighing processes enables greater speed and responsiveness, which translates into faster, more cost-effective production. In this sense, Epelsa has weighing indicators (DZ-66 indicator) that include a Check weigher system that improves weighing speed, as well as products under development that will exploit the capabilities of Smart Weighing.

Cloud weighing and data analysis:

Cloud technology has transformed many aspects of the industry, and weighing is no exception. In this 2023, the use of weighing systems connected to the cloud has become popular, such as the Nautilus Web Platform in the retail part, which allows the collection, storage and analysis of weighing data centrally and in a friendly and intuitive environment. This information in the cloud provides companies with enhanced visibility and control over their weighing processes as well as connected equipment customers, enabling them to make more accurate decisions and optimize the efficiency of their businesses. In addition, real-time data analysis makes it possible to identify patterns, trends and anomalies in weighing, making it easier to detect problems early and implement improvements.

This and other trends in the industrial market will be the starting point for improvements and will form part of the progress of the market in the coming months-years and we will have to be very aware of all its details in order to remain at the forefront of this technological evolution that, once again, it is linked to the type of products and services in Epelsa.

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