Article by Ohaus Corporation: Supporting Quality Control in Food Processing

Article by Ohaus Corporation: Supporting Quality Control in Food Processing

Ohaus Corporation (United States) - OHAUS scales and moisture analyzers help ensure safety and compliance.

Food processing is a highly scrutinized industry with rigorous government oversight and regulations to ensure consumer and worker safety. Manufacturers must rely on quality control measures for their products and processes to remain compliant with the strict standards set by regulatory agencies. More importantly, quality control guidelines allow food manufacturers to minimize contamination risk and provide safe, quality food to customers.

Manufacturers implement standard operating procedures and incorporate the highest quality measuring instruments to ensure reliable and recorded results and product consistency across batches. Since government agencies are paying such close attention, the product's quality status must be reviewed and documented carefully throughout all stages of the production process. The two most common sets of requirements for oversight are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) system and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). OHAUS keeps both standards in mind when developing precision weighing and measuring instruments for the food industry.

Ensuring Quality:

Quality control is integral to every step of food processing, including procurement, development, production, and distribution. After carefully selected raw materials are approved, the production team will formulate the finished product by following standard operating procedures for ingredients, recommended weights, batch size, and process time. Not only does the SOP need to be carefully documented, but so does the ongoing manufacturing process to ensure consistency and compliance, and also to identify the cause should an issue arise.

One of the final steps – labeling – is also heavily regulated as what is indicated on the outside of the package must be matched by the finished product that is on the inside from formulation and consistency to weight and other factors. Instruments supporting food quality control are needed both at the front of the building (bench scales, moisture analyzers) and in the back processing area (floor scales, washdown scales).

To support food manufacturer needs, OHAUS offers a wide range of durable, reliable measuring instruments to suit many applications in processing, research and development, testing, packaging, warehousing, shipping and more. We have worked with the food processing industry for decades to help support safety, efficiency, throughput and profitability. We offer solutions for improving consumer safety, product consistency, and quality control.

OHAUS commercial instruments are designed to help you meet demands for food safety, quality and regulatory compliance. Our scales and moisture analyzers provide efficient solutions for nearly all aspects of food processing - material receiving, formulation, quality control, filling, batching, basic weighing and checkweighing. Our precision weighing and measuring instruments for food are dependable, easy to set up and use, and reliably precise to help you maximize yield and minimize waste.

Selecting the Right Instruments:

OHAUS offers a range of precision and analytical balances designed specifically for the food industry. They are durably constructed and designed for ease-of-use and high precision results. We offer models that are certified by NSF to support HACCP systems and are also USDA-AMS accepted. These OHAUS scales are designed with smooth, unobstructed surfaces that are easy to clean and free of areas where material can build up and cause contamination. Here are just a few of the high-performance food scales and moisture analyzers we stand behind.

For high capacity, heavy duty food weighing up to 150kg OHAUS offers the Defender™ 6000 series of bench scales. Specifically designed for food processing, Defender 6000 handles the most demanding applications with a 316 stainless steel platform and frame and durable 316 stainless steel or food grade polycarbonate indicator. Defender 6000 Bench Scales are available in a range of platform sizes, weighing capacities, readability capacity, and special features to suit your needs.

Defender 6000 Bench Scales are designed to handle high pressure washdowns and harsh cleaning agents and meet metrological standards for legal-for-trade applications with a laser-sealed stainless steel IP68 and IP69K load cell.

Defender 6000 Bench Scales feature large bright displays and color checkweighing indicators for easy readouts and efficient work. Software modes include counting, percent weighing and even filling. Communication is simple with a range of connectivity options and GLP/GMP data output with real-time clock for processing tracking and traceability.

Defender 6000 is loaded with special features for convenience and safety, including 150% overload capacity protection, menu and key lock, selectable environmental and auto-print settings, stability indicator, overload/underload indicators, auto shut-off, auto tare, and adjustable rubber feet.

For back of the warehouse package weighing of heavy load pallets, OHAUS accommodates food manufacturers with heavy duty stainless steel floor scales, including the Defender Series.

Defender 3000 Floor Scales are well-suited to basic industrial applications with painted carbon steel or stainless steel, raised tread surface with four IP67 alloy steel load cells or stainless steel load cells, fixed top plate (5 mm thick) with structural bracing that ensures a stiff and solid construction. The Defender 3000 Series includes a range of platform sizes and capacities, as well as washdown models. Results are clearly shown on the large, bright backlit LCD display on the new i-DT33 indicators. In Checkweighing mode, display changes color (yellow/green/red) to alert users when they are within the target weight range.

Defender 5000 Floor Scales are designed to handle even the most demanding industry applications with four IP68 electro-polished stainless steel load cells that are laser-weld hermetically sealed. Defender 5000 Floor Scales are equipped with TD52 series indicator with an easy-to-use keypad, large backlit display and plain text on-screen prompts for guided operation. The combination floor-pit mount design offers versatility for portable or stationary placement, above or below ground installation. Washdown models are available.

To further support quality control and industry compliance, OHAUS offers a range of compact moisture analyzers with intuitive features to help you monitor quality and consistency through moisture content analysis. With halogen lamp heaters, durable construction, and easy-to-read displays, our MB Series of Moisture Analyzers offer a range of capacities, readability, and pan sizes to suit your application needs.

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