Article by Precisa: Precision Weighing Scales in the Education Industry

Article by Precisa: Precision Weighing Scales in the Education Industry

Precisa (Switzerland) - Mass Measurement in the Classroom? It’s as easy as ABC – Weighing Scales for Education.

The scientific instruments that are used for educational purposes have direct impacts on shaping the future as they aid the creation of tomorrow’s scientists, doctors, inventors and discoverers. At Precisa we understand the importance of education and offer a wide range of high-quality weighing scales that are used for advanced scientific educational purposes in schools, colleges and university laboratories worldwide.

Our precision scales are ideal for classroom laboratory use due to the reliable and error-free measurements, their ease of operation and their durability which aids both teaching and learning in fields such as medicine, physics, chemistry, biology and forensics. Analytical and precision balances can be used in a wide range of experiments and demonstrations to prove scientific theories and principals, to develop techniques and skills and in research and investigations carried out by students in higher education.

We appreciate how crucial precision is within education, and our balances can provide measurements of up to 0.0001g. For university students, access to accurate weighing scales could mean the difference between a pass and a fail while for science researchers it could make or break life-changing research.

Our scales can be used for the following educational needs in experiments, demonstrations and research:

  • Preparation for classroom experiments:
    • Measuring small compounds to high levels of precision
    • Pipette calibration
  • Precisely measuring mass and volume
  • Determining density
  • Measuring moisture content
  • Weighing small animals such as insects
  • Material analysis
  • Pharmaceutical testing
  • Plus many more

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