Available now: Eplan Smart Wiring “That’s certainly easy”

Available now: Eplan Smart Wiring “That’s certainly easy”
EPLAN Software & Services LLC (USA) – Eplan Smart Wiring software opens up new potential for wiring switchgear systems. This system is easy to use since the technical switchgear knowledge is anchored within the system. It also enables better weathering of personnel shortages. Solutions provider Eplan is forging new technical pathways with this software, which can also be used on mobile devices: the system is being made available free of charge for up to four months.

Eplan Smart Wiring software has been available for customers since early September, opening up completely new perspectives for wiring switchgear systems. The most important highlight is the system’s simplicity: the clearly arranged, touch-optimised user interface is suitable for mobile devices and is therefore always ready for use directly at the control cabinet. Furthermore, the specific expertise is just as important, but now instead of being stored in people’s minds it is instead anchored within the system. Step-by-step directions for the wirer make the process practically foolproof. Significantly, no schematic is necessary for wiring – thus making superfluous any interpretation of this often complex documentation. Eplan Smart Wiring visualises the mounting layout, devices, connections and routing tracks, based for instance on data from Eplan Pro Panel. But even without a 3D layout from Eplan Pro Panel, Eplan Smart Wiring can be used to increase productivity. Connection lists and wiring list can for instance be prepared in other ECAD systems, read into an MS-Excel format and then processed in Eplan Smart Wiring. The automatic project comparison for last-minute changes ensures that all changes find their way into production and are taken into consideration in a timely manner. Problem and error reporting, status reports and manufacturing reports can be prepared at the push of a button and can then be e-mailed to engineering or those responsible in production planning.

The system’s simplicity further means that even less-qualified personnel can take over the wiring process. This offers companies optimal scalability of their resources while simultaneously increasing efficiency along the entire workflow.

Free Introduction – For a Limited Time:
Solutions provider Eplan has released Smart Wiring in German and English, and it will be available in sixteen additional languages starting in November. Aside from forging new technical pathways, Eplan is further offering use of the software free of charge from 1 September 2016 to 31 January 2017 with a user’s licence restricted to four months. Interested parties can therefore take the system for a test drive, put it through its paces and, after the restricted licence expires, can then decide whether they wish to purchase the system.

Eplan Smart Wiring is the next logical step for integrated engineering through to manufacturing. Data relevant to manufacturing can be standardised with Eplan Pro Panel, thereby be quickly prepared and made available for manufacturing with Eplan Smart Wiring. This provides greater flexibility in the wiring process and high-quality results.

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