Avery Weigh-Tronix launches four New High Performance Weight Indicators

Avery Weigh-Tronix launches four New High Performance Weight Indicators
Avery Weigh-Tronix (UK) - Avery Weigh-Tronix is building on the success of its established range of ZM weight indicators, with the addition of four high-performance programmable models.

Programmable for custom solutions:
The indicators, which include the ZM505, ZM510, ZM605 and the ZM615, are flexible enough to adapt to complex weighing tasks. As well as being able to display, analyze, store and transmit data across devices, the indicators are fully programmable to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

User-centred design:
The use of high definition, Improved Super Twisted Nematic or IBN graphic display technology gives the weight displays excellent visibility and color contrast. With wide viewing angles, the ultra-bright green and black graphic display is easily visible in extreme working conditions and can be inverted for optimum viewing in brightly lit environments, easing operator eye-strain and reducing the likelihood of false or incorrect readings.

User prompts for improved HMI:
Pixels on the displays, which vary in size between the four models, can be arranged to display user prompts, images and graphs, improving ease of use and aiding user management in busy factory or packing environments. From a small area to the right of the screen on the ZM505, to a large 320x160 pixel display on the ZM615, the displays can be fully configured to meet customer requirements.

All models feature chemical resistant, metal domed keys, which give the user crisp, positive tactile feedback when compressed, making data entry fast and convenient. Designed with complete user personalisation in mind, weighing operations can be programmed into the indicators’ five soft keys, allowing users to carry out a multitude of weighing operations, instantly. For added ease of use for more complex weighing tasks, the ZM510 also features a QWERTY keyboard.

Food and heavy washdown safe:
For harsh operating environments or for heavy washdown environments, such as in the food industry, the indicators can be supplied in an IP69K rated stainless steel enclosure. These enclosures feature Gore-vent technology, a membrane that allows the indicator to ‘breath’ without sacrificing its IP69K rating. This overcomes the problem of trapped moisture inside the indicator, which is caused by the expansion and contraction of gases due to temperature changes. Other enclosure options include stainless steel panel mount version for control room applications.

Kevin Detert, innovation director for Avery Weigh-Tronix, commented: “We have designed these indicators to meet the practical needs of industry. They are robust, durable and easy to use, with the added benefit of being completely programmable to meet the needs of custom applications.”

The new indicators feature multiple standard connectivity interfaces that include Ethernet, RS232 serial interface ports and USB ports. Analog output, USB device, current loop, RS485/RS422 and wireless connectivity are also available as options.

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