BX30 Fill - New Smart Controller for Filling and Packing Machines from BAYKON

BX30 Fill - New Smart Controller for Filling and Packing Machines from BAYKON

Baykon Inc. (Turkey) - Baykon Inc. announces the availability of its new BX30 Fill panel type smart filling and packing controllers for strain gage based analogue load cells and digital load cells.

High accuracy at fast filling applications:

BX30 Fill is designed based on cutting-edge technology and meets customer requirements of gravimetric powder and liquid filling, dosing and packaging applications from basic to the most complex one. This filling and packing controller features smart filling algorithms, high speed, high accuracy, powerful interfacing and excellent durability as well as favorable price advantage. The most common filling & packing applications fit one of its 12 filling modes below. Additionally, customized application is available.

  • Open container filling
  • Bagging machine with single weighing hopper
  • Container with bunghole filling
  • Container filling with lance control
  • Packing
  • Full control of bagging machine with double weighing hoppers
  • Bag filling
  • Packing machine with up to 16 weighing hoppers
  • Big bag filling
  • Filling container from tank scale
  • Valve type bag filling
  • Weigh in - Weigh out
  • Customized solution

Accurate and fast operation:

  • Approved for European MID directive and OIML R61, Ref class 0.1 ,
  • Single range, multi range and multi interval weight indication up to 300 000 divisions,
  • Up to 1600 measurements per second,
  • 1000 times higher filling control accuracy than display division,
  • 16.000.000 internal resolution,
  • Additive tare at multi container filling on palette for high accuracy at filling,
  • Response delay from 2 ms.

Easy use:

  • Bright, multi-colour and wide-angle LCD display,
  • Weight display: 6 digits, 22 mm high,
  • Information display: Alphanumeric 16 digits, 8 mm high,
  • 6 different user-languages,
  • Short cut keys to enter target, coarse and fine cut-off values,
  • Receipt key for fast receipt changing,
  • Programmable 7 keys, assignable as a shortcut to most used predefined functions for operational ease.

Smart solutions:

  • SmartAPP: The feature to provide the operator with an advantage to follow the operation on the display with back light colours and bar graph.
  • Smart adjustment technics and smart startup provides fast commissioning and accurate filling.


  • Receipt memory that can save 250 receipts along with their parameters
  • ID memory with 250 records size
  • Alibi memory
  • SD card slot (For uploading/downloading the backup files)

Master & Slave operations for multi scale machines:

  • Master instrument transfers the set up and receipt data to slave instruments
  • Provides full control of multi scale bagging /packing machines.

Timers and logical functions:

The BX30 Fill controller has 3 free programmable timers that can simulate time delay relay functions.   Typical usages of timers; material silo feeding, activating some systems during filling, transmitting some signals as a pulse to host etc.

The BX30 Fill controller has 6 logical functions to eliminate PLC requirement for basic logical I/O controls.

Powerful Digital inputs and outputs:

  • In-house or external 12 digital inputs and 14 digital outputs.
  • All I/O’s are galvanically isolated and outputs are short circuit protected.
  • Warns the operator in case of any open or short circuit at any output.  
  • Spare I/Os for swapping the faulty I/Os to continue the operation until receiving the new Digital I/O board.
  • Selectable 6 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs which can be freely programmable to eliminate additional PLC requirement to control customers pump, pilot valve, nitrogen purging, rotary valve, activator, material silo level control etc.

Interfaces and Fieldbus Interfaces:

Integration of BX30 Fill to the factory automation system such as PC / PLC / Scada etc. is very easy and simple.

  • BX30 Fill has following standard interfaces:
    • 2X RS 232C
    • Ethernet TCP/IP
    • RS 485
    • USB
  • BX30 Fill offers variant models with the following Fieldbus options:
    • Profibus
    • Modbus RTU
    • EtherNet/IP
    • CANopen
    • CC-Link
    • Profinet
    • Modbus TCP
    • EtherCAT
    • Powerlink
    • CC-Link IE

Printing, labelling and reports:

  • BX30 Fill supports the printing of labels, strips, slips, tickets or forms in the following formats;
    • Single line or multi line printout,
    • EPL format label printing,
  • Statistical report,
  • 4 different accumulations.


  • Stainless steel IP67 protected front panel, aluminum body and stainless steel rear panel.
  • Suitable for use in wet, hygienic and harsh industrial environments.
  • Panel cutout size 20 x 11 cm, depth only 11,3 cm.

For more information about this article from Baykon Inc. click the link below.

For more information about this article from Baykon Inc. click here.

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