Compact PC-Based Controller from Nexcom Brings High Flexibility & Performance to Factories

Compact PC-Based Controller from Nexcom Brings High Flexibility & Performance to Factories
NEXCOM International Co., Ltd. (USA) – NEXCOM's latest PC-based controller NIFE 103 is an industrial automation solution that allows clients to facilitate production with a reliable firm grasp on processes while embracing future changes. Powered by Intel Atom® processor E3826, the NIFE 103 takes over entire processes such as sorting, labeling, packing, dispensing, and monitoring by providing more flexibility, integration, and connectivity in a compact fanless design.

The PC-based controller NIFE 103 embodies a comprehensive industrial control solution. Its powerful processing power features I/O control of up to 512 points operating at 1us cycle time speed based on CODESYS Control Runtime to lead an entire system or specific equipment. Combined with PC capabilities, it simultaneously handles and stores large amounts of data, which evaluates in real-time and produces response signals to achieve a complete industrial automation. Moreover, the PC-based open architecture mitigates efforts of system integrators when processes require updates or upgrades making it highly future proof compared to the limited expandability that characterizes PLCs.

NIFE 103 not only offers support for industrial communication protocols, but also high flexibility to be paired with additional peripherals. A mini-PCIe slot facilitates reliable connection with fieldbus modules including PROFINET®, EtherNet/IP®, and EtherCAT® when machines foresee addition of new functions demanding more I/O modules. Peripherals can be attached through USB, COM, and GPIO ports to fulfill an array of needs. This high level of interoperability and integration smooths convergence of both operational and information technology systems. Furthermore, combining gateway and controller functions, the NIFE 103 is ready to bring Industry 4.0 to factories.

The PC-based controller represents a smart solution for a wide variety of processes including packaging, conveyor systems, water treatment and poultry farming. Configured with scanners and cameras, NIFE 103 documents production records by reading QR codes and barcodes in packaging lines as well as sorting and moving products by controlling conveyor belts. Water treatment benefits from its easier configuration capabilities when processes vary regularly depending on the level of pollutants. In the case of farms, it can monitor real-time internal environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, or ammonia gas through sensors, to generate alerts and notify personnel in charge accessing internet over GbE LAN or 3G/Wi-Fi.

Main Features:
  • Powerful Dual Core Intel Atom® CPU for real-time SoftPLC control
  • Supports up to 512 I/O with cycle time < 1ms
  • Fieldbus connectivity: PROFINET®, EtherNET/IP®, EtherCAT®, and Modbus
  • Supports standard IEC-61131-3 programming languages
  • DIN-rail and palm-size form factor design for easy installation and maintenance

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