Digital brewing process - Craft breweries benefit from digitalization with modular Siemens automation

Digital brewing process - Craft breweries benefit from digitalization with modular Siemens automation

Siemens (Germany) - Deutsche Beverage Technology (Deutsche Beverage) supplies turnkey engineering solutions for breweries, with its main customer base in the high-growth craft beer sector. To allow Deutsche Beverage to supply its customers with digital systems, remote accessing facilities and smart controls, the company has entered into a technology partnership with Siemens. When it came to providing its customers with scalable automation systems, the company opted for the Siemens solution for a whole range of reasons: Simple wiring, rapid installation and the availability of waterproof components designed specifically for reliable operation in breweries.

Craft beer manufacturers are particularly dependent on achieving high productivity and operational flexibility if they are to succeed in what is a hotly contested market. Their need to continuously refine and modify their recipes poses something of a challenge for the manufacturing process. This is why an ever increasing number of breweries are turning to automation solutions. "Automation excites us," says Chris Williams, Cherry Street Brewing in Cumming, Georgia. "The labor involved in what we do is intense and automation helps us get our creative beers to market faster." This means staying a jump ahead of the competition. The automation concepts the company uses come from technology partners Siemens and Deutsche Beverage.

Waterproof solution with remote access:

The solutions supplied by Deutsche Beverage feature IP69K-rated buttons and switches from the Sirius Act portfolio. These waterproof commanding and signaling devices can be completely drenched during the brewing process without any worry of shorting. To ensure optimum communication capability for the systems, Deutsche Beverage opted to use the Profinet communication protocol including remote access. "We didn't have any capability for remote access before the Siemens Profinet solutions," recalls Deutsche Beverage electrical engineer McAbee. If an error occurred, a costly site visit had to be made in order to gain an adequate picture before fixing the problem. The availability of remote access means that Deutsche Beverage employees can now provide faster, simpler customer support. The system is engineered in the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal, and the failsafe Simatic S7-1200F is used as a controller. The ergonomically designed touchscreen HMI (Human Machine Interface) KTP400 permits central access to all process and diagnostic data.

Leveraging maximum potential at all times:

With digitalization and the modular solution from partners Deutsche Beverage and Siemens, breweries can select precisely the system functionalities they need to carry out their work. The supplied systems can be upgraded at any time as required, for instance to include the WinCC Scada system. This not only eases the investment pressure but also helps breweries, some of which are extremely small-scale operations, to keep a careful eye on costs.


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Working with technology partner Siemens, Deutsche Beverage develops scalable automation systems for its customers.

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A high level of automation enables breweries to increase the flexibility of their production process and so respond faster to changing market demand.

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Deutsche Beverage Technology (Deutsche Beverage) is a provider of turnkey engineering solutions for breweries, serving predominantly the growing craft beer market.

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