DKC Europe’s New Coolers for Outdoor Applications

DKC Europe’s New Coolers for Outdoor Applications
DKC Europe s.r.l. (Italy) - DKC EUROPE will introduce new products in the field of cooling for electrical enclosures. In particular will be introducing new coolers for outdoor applications.

These machines have been designed in order to ensure their operation in particularly hard work conditions, both as regards the operating temperatures (-20 ° / + 60 °) and for resistance to external agents such as dust and water. There are many industrial installations that today require external management of the whole electrical part (infrastructure of various kinds, telecommunications, oil & gas), therefore it is essential to ensure the correct cooling of the internal components.

The new coolers for outdoor applications will be available in wall mount version. Power range will be from 1000W to 2000W. As in previous product lines the strong point of Ramklima will be maintained: the bi-component seal applied automatically that facilities the installation of DKC coolers assuring an excellent sealing of the electrical board to which they are mounted. With this new product family DKC Europe wants to expand the range of products to offer to its customers, presenting technologically advanced solutions to the problems of electrical enclosures.

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